Twitter is Removing Millions of Fake Followers from User’s Account

Many of the Twitter users might have seen a drop in their followers count today. People who have a significantly high number of followers might have faced a major drop due to a new Twitter policy. Twitter is looking forward to making their platform more genuine and real. In the event, they are trying to curb down the fake accounts by detecting their activities.

According to Twitter mentioned in a blog post, they said that “Many users will see a drop in their followers. This is due to the accounts which will be locked due to suspected activities. People having thousands of followers will notice much more drop in their follower counts. We will be locking out accounts which seems fake. The account holders will be asked to change the password. If it does not happen within a month’s time, the account will be locked permanently”.

Twitter Taking Down Fake Accounts

This is not the first time Twitter has done something like this. Earlier this year in May and June, Twitter took down nearly 70 million accounts due to suspected activities. The follower drop will not be the end. In the coming days, Twitter will be taking down more accounts which appears spammy and malicious.

Twitter also mentioned that the locked accounts need not be bots. It can also be a real person account. The account will be locked based on suspicious activities and the users can unlock them by following the general procedure. The accounts will be locked based on activities like a sudden increase in following or tweets and so on. But, for now, the locked accounts will still be counted as one’s followers. Twitter has not said anything regarding reducing the count as for now.


The locking of the account did not affect any real users. Since the real users are genuine and are not locked easily. The algorithm is designed to work only with the fake accounts with spammy activities. Twitter has explicitly stated that “We did not see any major change in the daily or monthly active users. The locked accounts were mainly created to increase the person’s followers count to look nice. Hence taking them down is not affecting the system as a whole. We are removing the accounts as a part of healthy network formation on the platform. The bot account ends up corrupting it by their spammy activities”.

Twitter takes the followers to count seriously. Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s Trust & Safety Lead said that “Followers count is most probably the very first thing a person sees on a profile. We want people to have confidence in their followers account and need to make it accurate for them. Hence, we have brought in this update to maintain the feature well support the genuinity of the accounts. With the new update, users will see a dip in their followers count in the next few days”.

Eliminating the bot/fake accounts from the social network will help Twitter improve in its standards. This will make the platform more genuine and accurate for the people.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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