Twitter Changes its Policies Regarding Trolls, Hiding The Content instead of Banning

Twitter is changing its policies regarding trolls and nasty tweets. Earlier, Twitter used to ban tweets and users who created nasty tweets. But now, it is having a little bit of change in its policies. The change in policies suggest that Twitter will be hiding nasty tweets and troll-like behavior of users instead of banning tweets and users. According to the Director of Product David Gasca and Vice President of Trust and Safety Del Harvey, Twitter believes that troll-like behaviors and nasty tweets distracts the community from conversations. Generally, people use Twitter for the general discussions and watching public conversations. Everyone wants general discussions and public conversations to be peaceful. But, nasty tweets and troll-like behavior from many users is a great hurdle in such discussions. Twitter takes action on the tweets and accounts violating Twitter’s policies. Others, which don’t violate the policies but are behaving in the troll-like manner are distracting public conversations. To identify such behavior, the company had found a way by picking certain behavioral patterns of troll-like accounts. Users signing up for multiple accounts at once, or users tagging multiple accounts repeatedly who don’t follow them could be targets of Twitter.

Algorithm to detect troll-like behavior

Twitter’s safety account mentions that such accounts can be identified by an algorithm. According to this tweet, algorithm will actually focus on the behavior of the tweets instead of their content to identify nasty tweets distracting the entire community from having peaceful interactions. When troll-like behavior is identified by Twitter, it will place the user in a sort of quarantine. Their interactions will be hidden to others. The company will provide “show more replies” button to reveal their interactions to the one who presses it.

So, any content is not removed from its place. It is actually hidden from others. It would be interesting to see whether Twitter would target every user of some specific users. Earlier policy of banning the users and removing nasty tweets was a good solution for the community. It allowed the community to have public discussions and conversations without any distraction by banning such nasty users. Twitter would have found algorithm effective to detect such troll-like and nasty behavior. So, we can hope this change brings some peace to the community. But, any change in policies could be either positive or negative. Let’s see how this change works for trolls.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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