Top 20 Technology Companies in the world and their turnovers

Do you know about Thermo Fisher Scientific, the $52 billion biotech company? Or Computer Sciences, the $10 billion IT provider? Or Jabil Circuit, the $5 billion consumer electronics company?

Each of these companies are ranked higher in this year’s Fortune 500 with more than $13 billion revenue. These companies are ranked above consumer tech companies like Priceline Group (Rank 339) and Facebook (Rank 242). Fortune 500 surely includes plenty of companies that you would expect like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. But surprisingly, it also includes some companies that you wouldn’t expect like Western Digital, Micron Technologies, and Texas Instruments.

Here are some lessons. First: The top tech companies that were dominating in another era, are still making a lot of money as more varied companies. Second: The top of the list does not suggest any changes impacting the business world. For instance, Uber is valued at a $50 billion, which is the on-demand taxi company.

It is more valuable than about 70% of the Fortune 500 companies. As it is privately held, it is not included in the Fortune 500. For understanding more about Uber’s popularity, you can check out Fortune’s Unicorn List. Uber doesn’t want to rush to head an IPO, even though it has billions of dollars in revenue. This could easily place Uber on the Fortune 500 List.

Here, we do not mean that innovation has no impact. The industry of semiconductor, which contains eight Fortune 500 companies is about to have consolidation. With cloud-based business models, the enterprise technology sector is moving. The most popular companies in the world like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are holding their positions in the list by handling these situations all at together.

Let’s have a look at this year’s top 20 Fortune 500 tech companies:

1. Apple


Number five on the list. Revenue of $182 billion. Profits of $40 billion. It’s non other than Apple.

2. HP


With $111 billion revenue, Hewlett-Packard manages to be in the top 50 Fortune 500 companies. HP’s decision of splitting the company into two different businesses made everything possible.

3. IBM


Moving from on-premise server business to the cloud created a lot of problems for IBM. Its revenue fell by 5.6% and profits by 27% last year.

4. Amazon


Amazon faced a lot of problems as well as the biggest loss that the company ever had last year. Still, its $89 billion revenue made it to number 29 on the Fortune 500 list of the year.

5. Microsoft


Microsoft is relying on its Azure cloud business for its earnings. Its $87 billion revenue made it to number 31 on the Fortune 500 list of the year.

6. Google


With 17.9% increase in the revenue, Google made it to number 40 in the Fortune 500 list of the year.

7. Intel


With 6% annual revenue growth, Intel managed to have $56 billion revenue. This took the company to number 52 on the
Fortune 500 list of the year.

8. Cisco Systems


With 3% fall in revenue, Cisco fell five spots on the list this year. Still, it is on number 60 on the Fortune 500 list of the year.

9. Oracle


With its cloud computing business, Oracle managed to have 2.9% increase in its revenue. It is on number 82 on the Fortune 500 list of the year.

10. Qualcomm


Qualcomm had 6.5% increase in its revenue. This made it to $26 billion revenue, and increase in profits by 16.3%.

11. EMC


EMC gains the spot of 121 on the list with the company’s 5.2% revenue growth to $24 billion.

12. Xerox


With the company’s fall in revenue by 4.3% to $20 billion, Xerox declined by 6 spots to number 143.

13. Danaher


Revenue growth by 4.2% to $19 billion, Danaher gained the spot of 147 on the list.

14. eBay


eBay is on the spot of 172 on the list with its 11.6% growth in revenue to $18 billion.

15. Thermo Fisher Scientific


Huge 30.6% growth in revenue to $17 billion helped the biotech development company to move 34 spots ahead to number 181.

16. Micron Technology


Unbelievable growth of 80.3% in revenue to $16.3 billion took Micron Technology at the spot of 190 on the list.

18. Jabil Circuit


With the fall in revenue of 10.8% to $16.3 billion, Jabil Circuit declined 36 spots to number 191.

19. Western Digital (WD)


With 1.4% fall in revenue to $15.1 billion, Western Digital moved 18 spots down to number 205.

20. Computer Sciences Corp.

Fall in the revenue by 14% to $13.2 billion, Computer Sciences Corp. declined by 44 spots to number 229.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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