Top 10 Best Jobs without a degree

If due to any reasons you didn’t get to go to University, be it because it’s too expensive, you don’t like studying, or you dropped out and the fear of not getting a well-payed job is worrying you. Do not worry because there are a few career choices that don’t require you to have a degree.

Here is a list of 10 best-paid jobs that you can go for even without having a degree-


£21,000 ( Rs.20,43,437)

Firefighters are seen as heroes. These people risk their lives on a daily basis trying to save others from harm. Because of this very reason, they need a strong mentality to be able to deal with tough and harmful situations.

Someone who is constantly helping others will have a great sense of happiness and will be constantly inspired. If you’re a fit individual and feel like you would be into helping your local community and supporting those around you, then you can go for this.


 £25,000 (Rs.24,34,273)

Customers are harder to satisfy these days. Clients aren’t only looking for what makes a product stand out from others, they also appreciate how it makes them feel and the attention they receive while buying it. That’s why customer service is extremely important, especially with how competitive the world is.

To be a customer service manager, you would need to start by being a customer service assistant and then work in the field. Pay usually starts at £18,000 and keeps going up to around £40,000. This is the best career for those who are friendly and love dealing with people. The more positive and warm-hearted you are, the better results you’ll get.


 £30,000 ( Rs.29,20,655)

If you like motivating people and helping them grow professionally, then you can be a personnel and training manager. You would be required to coach employees by organizing special sessions that will make them better at their jobs. In this, you need to have patience and the will to teach.

Before you get to the manager position, you would have to go through being a training assistant and training officer. To gain experience along the way, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is fully qualified.


£31,000 (Rs.30,15,957)

Being a journalist is one of the best-paid jobs that doesn’t require a degree. While many people study this career, it is also based on talent and how well and fast you can put a story together. Internships can help you to gain some experience and knowledge.


 £35,000 ( Rs.34,06,223)

Those who have experience in the armed forces are very well trained, with a high level of threat intelligence and great organizational/logistical experience. In this career, you would be working at important events or as a personal security guard for high-profile people.


 £35,000 ( Rs.34,06,223)

Human Resources plays an important role in every company. They are the ones who help find the right people for the formation and growth of any project while making sure that there’s a nice, respectful environment at the office. In this, your job would be to keep everything together and structured.

Like any personnel and training manager, this job would also require you to get qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), but not a degree.


 £36,000 (Rs.35,03,153)

Being a hazardous waste manager means that you would have to be dealing with and getting rid of unpleasant byproducts generated around your area. Because you would be handling all these products, you would be constantly exposed to dangerous reactions so be careful and use all your skills if you want to do this.


£41,000 (Rs.39,89,108)

You might not need a degree for this career, but you will need some training. To become an air traffic controller, you would have to take the National Air Traffic Services course which is for around 5 months. While you’re getting prepared, your salary would be under £12,000, but once you qualify, your salary can go up to £41,000!


 £56,000 (Rs.54,45,525)

Because of its dangers and risks, there are some precautions that you have to take in this job. Be aware that you would have to be on-site for long-hour shifts and constant traveling. Since you would be working per project, you never know where the location might be, so you have to be ready to be away from home for many months at a time.


 £60,000 (Rs.58,35,821)

This is the job you should try for if you’re a good salesman. You don’t need a degree, but you will have to train and get the FCA and CISI approval, by taking their tests. It’s all about the attitude and how well you can convince people that you are giving them what they didn’t know they needed. You have to be convincing and make clients believe that you are the answer to their problems. The better your performance, The more money you’ll make.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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