Top 05 Twitter Bots That Are Actually Useful

  • Twitter bots are programmed Twitter accounts that use the Twitter API to perform actions automatically.
  • A Twitter bot can perform various functional operations on Twitter and achieve more value from the platform.
  • Specific bots can give useful information, and some can just help with tasks that would otherwise require several steps or use additional apps in some cases.

Twitter without a doubt is a popular social media website that allows people to share information from all over the world, make announcements, seek help, and interact with other Twitter users through tweets. Although the overall experience on Twitter for each user varies depending on what accounts and topics they follow.

A Twitter bot is a programmed Twitter account that uses the Twitter API to perform actions automatically as guided by its creator. Using Twitter bots is another way to get more productive and informative help from the platform. Twitter Bots are generally considered spammy because of how they work. However, not all of them are bad, and some can be useful, and even funny. They are some of the best examples of using artificial intelligence in our lives.

Here Is A List Of Top Twitter Bots For Your Help


5. @RemindMe_OfThis

It is an open-source Twitter bot that lets users easily set reminders for public tweets. Mention “@RemindMe_OfThis” in the reply of any tweet and specify the time in natural English when the user would like to be reminded of that tweet. Users can set reminders for 12 hours, 2 days, next week, or even after for 5 years.

4. @ThreadReaderApp

The creators on Twitter have always known that threads are the best way to extend the reach of their tweets and ‘@ThreadReaderApp‘ makes it easy for users to read and save these threads. To use this the users simply have to reply to any tweet of a thread and mention @threadreaderapp with the “unroll” keyword. After this, they create a single page with all the tweets arranged in a sequenced order.

3. @pikaso_me

  • Work – Captures screenshots
  • Mention@pikaso_me

To enable this bot reply to a tweet with the word “screenshot this” and mention @pikaso_me in the reply. The user will receive a reply tweet with a screenshot image of the original tweet. The Twitter bot captures images in tweets. Users can also use Screenshot Guru for the same purpose.

2. @quotedreplies

Quote tweets or replies are an effective way to share someone’s (or the user’s own) tweets with the user’s thoughts on top of them. The user can view quoted tweets to a tweet by going into its retweets, the Quoted Replies bot can do this for them quite easily. The user has to open the tweet whose quoted tweets/replies they want to view and leave a comment mentioning ‘@quotedreplies‘. Quoted Replies will revert with a link. Open it to view all the quoted replies to that tweet.

 1. @DownloaderBot

The user can easily download any video or GIF image from tweets with the help of this Twitter bot. The user has to mention ‘@DownloaderBot‘ in a reply to any tweet that contains either a video or a gif image, and they will receive a reply with the direct link to download the media. Twitter, may create problems with bots that allow downloading videos off their platform so users can bookmark some alternatives. There’s @GetVideoBot, @SendVidBot, and @Get_This_V.


Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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