Tiny Technologies Are Proving Immensely Useful for Covid-19

Where the whole world is finding the cure for the global pandemic COVID-19, the tiny technologies are proving helpful to some extent.

The Coronavirus which has put the whole world in trouble is of the size between 60 to 120 Nm. Such a small size of the virus can mean 400 viruses on a single hair strand.

It is not visible by naked eyes and requires high precision microscopes. The problem is to find a solution for this tiny troublesome virus.

Tiny technologies fighting against tiny viruses

Tiny technologies fighting against tiny viruses

Nanotechnology used against the virus from a very long time as of the 1880s. Nanotechnology is very useful since then and used for the identification of the virus and for separating them.

The Nanotechnology deals with the things of very minute sizes of order 1-100 Nm. Nano-medicine makes good use of the Nanotechnology in various places.

Nanotechnology has found applications in from the plasters to the diagnostic machines. It is for treating severe diseases like HIV, Zika and Flu.

Diagnosis using the tiny technologies

Diagnosis using the tiny technologies

If you are corona positive person then a sample of a swab for testing comes from your throat and nose.

The tests use RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) method. The test finds for the presence of genetic material of the virus in your swab sample.

The test can be only performed when the person is having an active infection, the results take about 2 to 3 days to be prepared.

They require the use of high tech instruments which are only available in the laboratory. For getting the reports of the COVID test instantly you should prefer the Antibody test.

The Antibodies kill the antigens in the body by searching them with the help of nanoparticles such as gold. The Antibody test is faster and accurate than RT-PCR Test.

COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment

COVID-19 Vaccine and Treatment

The vaccine for COVID-19 is highly awaited, it can prove the biggest weapon against this overspreading virus.

Vaccines work like- one inactive virus is injected in the body of the humans -an antigen. The immune system is made resistant to the antigen.

The body develops an antibody so that it can resist the virus when it comes in the body in real-time. The chances of the inactive virus to reach the target location is very less sometimes as it diffused in the blood.

The solution to prevent this diffusion is to cover the vaccine i.e. Encapsulate the vaccine.


The global pandemic is a big problem for all the people and till the vaccine does not come people need to be very careful with social distancing and wearing masks.

The tiny technologies can only help a little in the prevention from the coronavirus but it cannot take the responsibility to prevent you completely from that.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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