Tinder Is Launching Bitmoji In Collaboration With Snap

Tinder is reportedly working on a new feature. With the latest updates, it was seen that Tinder is testing out a new feature for its users in Canada and Mexico. The users will be able to send Bitmoji in their conversations with the people they are matched with. However, users need to connect with Snap for getting the feature on their device. Tinder and Snap partnered on the SnapKit which helps Tinder to introduce the new feature. For now, the global release is not official. Tinder may pull the update back if it does not seems appropriate.

Tinder Introduces Bitmoji

Brian Norgard, Tinder’s Chief Product Officier said that “We have brought in the Bitmoji integration. We were one of the debut partners with Snap for their SnapKit. The kit has a variety of features and we were working on implementing it on our platform. With the new update, users will be able to interact with their matches more interactively. It will help them express themselves in a better manner. Users will be able to have a more personalized chatting experience with their own creative avatars”.

Before this, Tinder has worked around its chat feature. It introduced emoji in 2016 for the users to playfully interact with their matches. Along with that, a partnership with Giphy helped the users to exchange GIFs too.

How To Use Bitmoji?

If you are in Canada or Mexico and wants to use the new Bitmoji feature, here is a guide to it. The Bitmoji option is present in place of the emoji button in the chat window. When the Bitmoji icon is pressed, it will prompt the user to authenticate using SnapChat to enable the feature.

After authenticating, users can easily search their own Bitmoji collection. They can use keywords in the search box or use the colour-coded bubbles for basic exchanges like ‘Good Morning’, ‘Busy’ and so on. There is a recent section too for the users to have a quick access to the Bitmojis they use often.


The new addition to the platform might not be a great thing too. However, users can use some of the animation figures to spice up their conversation. Tinder has never allowed its users to share photos in the chat section. The prime reason for this is that it fears if people might spoil the platform with inappropriate photos. However, Tinder is all about that and it will be a useful feature for the users to chat with their matches.

A few weeks ago, Tinder introduced a loops feature for the users to have a small looping video to be set up on their profile. The Bitmoji feature might help the user spice up their conversation a lot more than usual with their matches. The rollout date of this feature is not yet revealed. But it looks like Tinder will soon be making a global update for all its users with the features it has said in the last few weeks.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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