This is why you should learn Javascript

There are number of benefits of learning Javascript. You will be looking forward to learn Javascript as soon as possible after knowing these 10 reasons to learn it. Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world. So, this is the core reason why most of the programmers suggest you to learn Javascript. It works on various platforms ane devices related to IoT (Internet of Things). You can easily get Job in any IT related company if you know Javascript. It is simple and easy to learn and you can create various visual effects, games, interactive web pages, blog, etc.

10 Reasons which will create an urge in you to learn Javascript

1.Browser itself contains Javascript
Javascript is actually the core language of the web. Using it, you can skip setting up the coding part, downloading compilers, etc. You can perform all sorts of stuff by using Javascript for Web.

2.Most popular programming language in the world


Javascript is every programmers’ choice because it is the most popular programming language in the world. Even back-end developers use Javascript more than any other programming language.

3.Its global


“Everything that can be written in Javascript will be written in Javascript”, the law of Jeff Atwood. It means you can create cross-platform desktop apps, music, interactive web pages, animation, etc with it.

4.It is simple and easy to learn
If you start learning Javascript from its base, it is very easy and simple to learn. Many programmers start with jQuery which results creating a misconception in their mind regarding Javascript. If you learn it from the basics, it is very easy. You can watch YouTube videos, StackOverflow and other stuff to start learning it from the basics.

5.Demand for Javascript


(React is a Javascript Library By Facebook; nodejs is how people use Javascript on server)

There is a lack of good Javascript developers in the market. So, it is a great opportunity for every begginer to get a good job out of learning Javascript. You can check demand of Javascript and other languages on Google.

6.You can create dynamic effects


You can be a professional designer by learning Javascript to animate things in the browser. Javascript itself means that it is for dynamic use of HTML.

7.User Interface
You can acquire skills to create interactive and user friendly stuff on the web.

8.Game developer
You can become a professional game developer if you acquire skills in Javascript. Browser is a base where anyone could create carzy stuffs. You can create various games using HTML5 and Javascript.


A professional blog requires Javascript, HTM5 and CSS3. So, if you become a good Javascript programmer, you would no longer rely on blogging platforms to develop your web. It is better to rely on your own skills instead of blogging services. All the control and access remains in your hands if you yourself create your blog.

10.Bug bounty
A great opportunity for every Javascript programmer is Bug Bounty programs. If you know Javascript well, you can take a dive in how web of big companies work. You can join bug bounty programs launched by big companies to find bug on their web and make money.

So, are you confident to learn Javascript now? I am pretty sure these reasons created an urge in you to learn the most popular programming language in the world.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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