The Truth Behind RuPay Card, MasterCard Vs VISA Vs RuPay card?

Short InfoX: we all try that we do transaction online, through our mobile phones, by using plastic cards. But, here in our mind we have some confusions, Is what is Credit Card? What is Debit Card? What is ATM Card? What is Master Card? What is Visa Card?Or, What is RuPay Card?

You have seen In card the logo it can be, Master Card and VISA Card or RuPay Card. In main stream these 3 only comes. So, I will tell what are these three cards and which of them are Profitable for you? And, What is the difference between these three cards? Or, in which case you can use which card? Guys, these three things are only Payment Gateways, Now let’s you imagine that whether you have a Debit Card or Credit Card And you use it, whether it was ATM machine or a POS machine or you are doing online payment through it. Now, it is not confirm that on which Bank you have a account and the other person to whom you are paying has a same bank. It can be any bank in of the world. So, for this we need a mediator which can handle these transactions and which can forward these transactions and this we use till now as a Master Card or VISA Card. These Basically are the companies who work as a mediator, like on which bank you have a account and the other person to whom you are paying have a bank account on any bank between these these Master and VISA card work as a channel and after completing payment they takes their own commission in between.


But our India is very big market, we need if we have our own Gateway System then we can control the Dominance of Master Card, VISA card. That’s why with this Vision RuPay Card was introduced It’s full form is Rupee + Payment in short RuPay. This is a domestic Payment Gateway with the help of this if you do any Payment if you have a RuPay Card domestically and you are doing payment within India so because of this the processing becomes very fast and it’s processing charges also becomes very less. You can use this card in ATM machine also and for doing online payment also.

Master Card and VISA Card


There is not much difference between the Master Card and VISA Card the thing is that some banks provide these Cards and they take extra money for taking these cards. But in case of RuPay card it is free the bank provide these cards in free. And some peoples are not eligible for getting Master Card and VISA Card. So, they started RuPay card in free. But, the drawback of RuPay card is that you can’t do transactions out of India. You can do but their are not much websites who accept by RuPay card.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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