The Hazmat Suits From BioVYZR Is Creating A New Fashion Trend

Who could have predicted that hazmat suits and masks would become a sensation? The current pandemic is now turning into our new normal.

We have to adapt to the situation in order to resume our jobs and education. The disease control boards around the world have made it mandatory for people to wear masks to stay away from the infection.

And out of nowhere, a new fashion accessory emerged. There are various companies who are trying to make masks look stylish. To be honest, most of them have succeeded in the process.

One such pioneer seems to have stepped it up several notches making people awe in wonder.

The BioVYZR Hazmat Suits

The BioVYZR Hazmat Suits

The entire air transport is now in a global halt and the situation doesn’t seem to be resolving anytime soon. VYZR Technologies, a company based in Toronto is now making headlines.

In an effort to get the air transport back in action, they have designed a hazmat suit named “the BioVYZR”. The upper part of the suit is looking no different than an astronaut’s suit.

It has an anti-fog window to enable vision and a dedicated air-purifier. The suit has a price of $250 and unlike what you may think, it had a very warm welcome.

Travel addicts have already pre-ordered more than 50,000 hazmat suits. The company says that they would start dispersing the first batch within the end of July.

Its Backstory

Al-Qaysi from VYZR says that their hazmat suits are a development from one of their previous invention.

What started as a hands-free sunshade ending up becoming the suit. Their vision was to make solar visors to help people survive desert environments.

But the pandemic forced them to make this significant upgrade. The company says their suits are multiple folds safer than a typical mask and needless to say that it also has a cheaper price tag.

Firefighter and researchers usually use these suits in order to stay away from danger but they will have a price of more than $1500. But VYZR manages to offer the same protection for a much lower cost.

The Suit’s Made Up Of…

The Suit’s Made Up Of…

Silicone, Neoprene and Vinyl form the base of these suits and the good side is that it weighs below three pounds. This makes it very easy for the wearer to take off the suit and disinfect it.

These hazmat suits come with adjustable straps and buckles so you can have the best possible fit. They are pretty fit around your shoulders so you will not be interfering with your neighbour’s space.

The battery that’s powering the suit lasts for more than 12 hours so you can travel long-distances wearing this.

Their Target Audience

Up until this moment, the company received orders from doctors, dentists and long-distance travellers. But Al-Qaysi hopes that soon there will be a lot of orders from students and teachers around the world.

Based on the number of orders and demand, the company has plans for some major design changes. Their suits will soon come in a lot of different shapes and colours in an effort to commercialize it.

We can also expect to see a hydration pack, an opening for stethoscopes and an additional power unit.


No matter how interesting these suits may seem, it might not be for everyone. If the motive of the company is to compete with the current simple masks, they should make their suits a lot more affordable for the general audience to buy them.

But when compared with the safety aspect of it, these suits are state-of-the-art. Eventually, these suits could even become a fashion statement and people might start embracing this as they did with the masks.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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