The actual designer behind the Kanye West’s iPlane-1 design

Kanye West was in headlines by having a meeting with Donald Trump for unveiling a concept of an Apple-made, hydrogen-powered “iPlane 1”. But, the only problem that lies in replacing Air Force One is that “iPlane 1” is neither an original idea of Kanye nor a secret Apple product. An industrial designer named Shabtai Hirshberg was working on a project in 2012 for the future air travel in 2030. And, “iPlane 1” is just a part of that project.

But, according to Hirshberg, he was not aware about Kanye using is idea. This made him completely surprised. But, he believes that it is good to see your ideas and designs thought of by others.

Hirshberg is happy to see his designs being thought of by others

This design is a collection of a complete one year hard work. While Hirshberg was working on his graduation project for his master’s degree in the College for Creative Studies, he had this idea. He considered main problems existing in the air travel, especially in developing countries. So, he wanted to design a perfect solution for this.

He believes his work to be more theoretical than practical. Currently, technologies in the air travel could have more advanced propulsion systems and better constructive materials. Unlike Kanye’s design, Hirshberg’s design is not hyrdogen-fueled.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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