Tesla is re-listing its wireless smartphone charger for sale at a discount

Tesla has announced to its customers that its wireless smartphone charger will be returning for sale. In the late last month when Tesla introduced its wireless smartphone charger for sale to its online store, it quickly went out of stock. Now, it will be listed again on its online store with about $15 discount. The reason behind its price drop is that it had manufactured a very large quantity of these chargers. Currently, the item is available on its store. But, it will quickly run out of stock because of its high demand.

Have A Look At Tesla’s Wireless Smartphone Charger

Owners of the charger received an email from Tesla suggesting that the charger would be re-listed soon on its store. Owners began to post this email on Twitter on Monday evening. In the late August, the device was initially available at $65 on its website. The device featured a slim and sleek Apple-like design. It comes in white or black color, 5W of wireless output charging and 7.5 through USB, and a 6,000 mAh battery power.

Those specs are not really outstanding as you can get much larger capacity chargers with double the rate of charging outputs for less money on Amazon. Still, we get the Tesla brand which makes it eye-catching. Also, it is a wireless charger that comes along with an integrated USB-C plug and USB-A port for standard charging. Given the Tesla branding, wireless feature, and an attractive look, the gadget quickly sold out.

Though similar wireless chargers with a larger battery are available for less money, Tesla believes that its product is different. According to Tesla, it is the latest product in its small electronic lifestyle items. For long, they had been selling USB chargers in its Supercharger line. The latest item looks similar to the Tesla Powerwall battery, but it can also wireless charge a smartphone that Powerwall can’t.

Tesla is aware of its customers who purchased the charger initially at the rate of $65. So, in the mail it mentioned that it would refund $16 to current owners of the charger. The difference between the initial price ($65) and the discounted price ($49) comes to be $16. So, if you bought the device for $65, you will too receive the discount indirectly. After emailing to existing owners of charger, Tesla re-listed the product on its website at the discounted price. If you were looking forward to buy that charger, it is now available on Tesla’s website. But, because of the high demand, it may take 3-4 weeks for shipment.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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