Technology Assumptions in 2020 We Should Watch Out For

Business moving digital requires a more technical way of working and process to meet market demands. Technology is providing a lot of knowledge right at our fingertips and it is helping us move ahead faster. Technology Assumptions in 2020 is inevitable.

As we have arrived in the new decade, we should look at the key technology developments in 2019. So here are the things we can predict for 2020.

Super Apps’ will be on FIRE in the new year

'Super Apps' will be on FIRE in the new year

Before starting, what are ‘Super Apps’? These apps are the ones consisting of all apps together all in one together. Since people don’t have time to swipe from one place to another, super apps will be a huge success.

These apps consist of messaging, and payment apps. They later expanded to dining and online food apps, social media apps, health tracking and more.

In a country like India, apps such as Justdial, PayTm, Amazon, etc. Work amazingly as the Supers.

Empathetic Artificial Intelligence

Technology Assumptions in 2020 without AI? Not possible. Every customer landing at a store be it online or in-store wants the seller to hear their requirements. So in order to make that happen, the convergence of AI and emotions will be a good product to relate.

In this year, the trend of AI will make companies add ’emotional intelligence’ factor. As people will start trusting AI, it will increase productivity and create a better user experience.

Safety and employee satisfaction will come together

Safety and employee satisfaction will come together

Employee satisfaction is an issue ongoing for years now, and it’s time employees will want to address it.

Workers will reach out masses and demand proper safety during their work trips, which they aren’t wrong for.

As per reports, nearly 87 percent of women are harassed during work trips and wish to seek some guidance from employers.

In 2020, companies will have a chance to come ahead and help their employees with new travel policies.

Machine learning will enter regular lives

Machine learning will enter regular lives

The promises made by ML are exciting and have attracted huge business houses and tech companies.

But as the new decade, the news won’t remain the same as it will enter new lives. Tech services will fulfil the needs from scheduling, data analysis to everything.

With time, it will do all sorts of tasks more accurately than a human being. Soon the fascination of ML will end as time moves ahead. It’s one trend that’ll bring changes in our lives.

Time-saving AI will have demand

While no one can deny the fact that AI will create fears in the mind of people, it will also benefit youngsters.

AI will create opportunities for people who’ll learn to operate it. A report says nearly 67 percent people will prefer AI over humans as office assistants.

Customers will prefer AI-driven recommendations and the support provided. Millennial businessmen and employers will prefer AI to work routinely and increase efficiency.

Data won’t just be analytical but will help make decisions

Data won't just be analytical but will help make decisions

Data won’t be just for restoring basis but will be able to help companies inefficient decisions. They will soon realize that this will accelerate their business functions and improve them to great levels.

Also, looking into the future, they will be capable enough to use data for identification in advance to detect bad weather-based and man-made disasters.

In the year ahead, data leveraging for decision making will become a trend.


These are all the predictions for the year. They hope to bring better advancements in the business sectors and create a new life cycle all around the new decade.

Rooting for all these to become real, they have the ability to bring changes really well.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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