Tech Giant Google CEO Sundar Pichai Says “AI should be regulated”

Artificial Intelligence has been gaining rapid significance in the past few years. It has received both favourable and devastating comments. Now, “AI should be regulated”, that’s what tech giants are saying.

A lot of scholars have commented that AI might be the end of the human race on earth. Any discussion about AI is going viral these days.

The Event at Brussels

The Event at Brussels

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has commented about how AI requires new regulations.

The chief executive officer of the Alphabet Inc. has been pushing the US and the European Union to regulate their AI.

European economic think tank hosted a public speaking event in Brussels. The event had the presence of various brilliant minds. Sundar Pichai was one among them.

What did Google’s Chief comment?

What did Google’s Chief comment?

He exclaimed that he does not even question the fact that AI needs new regulations. The EU was planning to reveal their strategy of implementing AI and recruiting AI developers.

They have plans to deploy them in high-risk sectors such as transport and health care. Early drafts obtained from Bloomberg have mentions of this.

Sundar Pichai gave his comments just a few weeks before the EU implemented this. The new rules formed from here will require the company to be open about its operation.

The New Rules and regulations

Complete transparency about the way in which their systems get built is essential. In Brussels, Sundar Pichai had plans to meet with Margrethe Vestager.

She is the competition chief who cost more than 8 billion Euros to Google through antitrust fines. Apart from being just the competition, she is now looking over the plans for AI.

Sundar Pichai added that face recognition which is referred to as deep fakes in where AI might be dangerous. Deep fakes are nothing but modified audio and video clips.

He said that this is the area where the companies have to figure out how to use AI effectively. Google has now made several data sets open source.

This is to encourage researchers and developers to build better tools which can separate the fake ones. Pichai pointed out that Google has come up with several advancements in AI.

Google’s Advancements

Google’s Advancements

Google has developed a health algorithm which can detect the presence of breast cancer. This algorithm has more accuracy when compared to doctors.

Algorithms for weather and self-driving automobiles are in development. Europe’s privacy legislation GDPR contains several rules which regulate the use of AI in health care devices.

For areas like self-driving vehicles, the government needs to establish new rules.

Criticisms and complaints

Google has been facing several criticisms and complaints recently. The company was under questioning on how it uses AI which has the potential to invade the privacy of a user.

There have been several complains about how google acquired health care data from millions of its users.

To Conclude

The Wall Street Journal which had its release in November focused on this issue. It states that Google used all the data to improve its design of the new AI health software. We have to agree that AI should be regulated.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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