Stop Using Bluetooth Right Now. Must Know The Reason

Bluetooth is an amazing technology. Transfer files wirelessly to another device, without any charges is great. Low energy Bluetooth generations have also been developed. Just to connect more devices, now even cameras and Home theatres. Well for you to know, Bluetooth also serves well to hackers. As it is potentially under surveillance, it works as a great threat against most users. And yes, you will stop using Bluetooth after seeing this simple threats close to you.

Why Bluetooth is a threat?

Bluetooth is not actually a threat. But the way, it can be used is nothing safe at all. Address sharing of devices to pair up can be intercepted with ease. Hackers can track down the addresses easily. They can easily connect to the host device. Steal data, relative information, even phone number. Literally everything. (why even this gets categorized).

You will stop using Bluetooth after seeing this


The technology is great. But not its implementations. As most devices still go on with the older generation Bluetooth. The newer ones do come with a bit of security. But it can only delay the bypassing for a little time. Not entirely.

Else, a privacy nightmare and overnight loss of data can be a chance for you. If someone taps into your Bluetooth connection. But not after you have switched it off.

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Potential Bluetooth threats


Security professionals treat Bluetooth as a very bad path for a potential data threat. As no one even cares about using Bluetooth. But they still leave it on. Why? As it does not consume battery. It stays silent. Doesn’t mess with performance. But it can do a lot of things.

At DEF CON conference, an important tip that is provided to just leave their Bluetooth services off. Whenever it is possible. As the researchers working there showed some amazing results of Bluetooth threats. Maybe it a speaker or a TV or any device at all. Access can be granted to it, just by few clicks and lines of code altered.

Hackers can tap into the address pair of the speakers. Although, they can’t do that much damage with it. But the technique is severe enough to damage your ears. Since high sound volume audios can do that easily.

Hackers can force them to play, without noticing or visibility. Shopping malls have a lot of speakers in them. The spot can be an easy target.

Threats with DATA sent over Bluetooth


One of the best flaws of Bluetooth is this one. Data that is sent over Bluetooth can be easily tracked down. Stolen and then reproduced. No matter what might be it. As tapping into the pairing process is literally hard. (Since a very limited time window is offered to the hackers).

But it’s not hard or impossible. With powerful computers, this is an easy job. While, data can be traced, it also can be sent to the devices that are connected. As a simple malware can be designed to extract your phone number. Use your Phone number to dial it up and send it to the hacker. Easy peasy.

Severe Bluetooth hacks can be profitable too


Hackers are not just any expert programmers. They are good with extracting money from advertisers. Not blackmailing, but selling real-time data that is highly important to data analysts. Or even advertisers. While files can be sent to your phone via Bluetooth.

But it can be made to do a lot of things, that just take your phone number. The malware can tap into your browser history. Copy all of the data to itself. Use your data to send itself to another location (it can be a secure server, or an IP address or even a Gmail account). Your shopping list searches are very important for amazon and other shopping sites. Well, you will stop using Bluetooth after knowing this.

Protecting yourself from Bluetooth threats


You can fight with hackers. But you can stop them. Or at least prevent them from using your components. You use Bluetooth to share files. No harm in that, except you need to turn it off. That’s a good way to save yourself from potential Bluetooth threats.

Chances are you will stop using Bluetooth after knowing that it is not a serious threat. Well turn it off, makes the work easier. Bluetooth headphones are not a good thing too. You might want to switch to wired headphones, instead. Those are very good.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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