Gmail Proves That Some People Does’t not Like Smart Suggestions

Recently, Gmail has revamped its design and included new features. While most of the users liked the looks and feel of the new design, some were visibly irritated. One of the newest features to be added is a suggestion feature for the users. The feature brings up old emails which the person has not replied too. It suggests the user reply to the unattended emails which came in a few days ago. The old emails are re-surfaced by Gmail for the user in their mailbox.

The suggestion shows an orange text next to the mail which gets the attention of the users easily. It shows when the mail was received with the action to be taken. But, this feature breaks the chronological order of the emails in the mailbox.

The Suggestion Feature

The new feature also makes a judgment for the users. It says the user about the replies they should have made and that they are procrastinating it. Already on the internet, there are other services which make the suggestion for us and this feature might well irritate users more. Although Google has implemented the suggestion features properly, it might be a problem as it looks a bit creepy. It makes people feel that they are in no control of their mailbox.

Although, Google cares for the users. It gives the users control of the smart feature. It lets them disable the smart feature. Many users do not like to categorize, list the important emails first or smart reply suggestions. There is another smart feature called the Spam Filter which is very useful. It filters the emails efficiently for spams and makes the mailbox look clean and clear.


Most of the users like the chronological arrangement of data. Regarding Instagram, users have always complained that they prefer a chronological feed rather than personalized one. The use of algorithms to determine the importance of data for a specific user is less useful in some places. Most of the people will want to categorize the mail themselves as some might be important but the algorithm may mark it as spam.


The Smart Feature can be really helpful in many places. The VCs, Journalists and other people can avoid paying attention to the unwanted emails from different companies. They can look into the important emails efficiently without breaking their head with the unwanted stuff.

But, when the new feature came out, some of the people were eager to look into the settings to disable it first. The nudge feature which was a part of the new design can also be turned off from the settings. For the people who are wondering why they are not getting the notification, the feature is not turned on by default. So Gmail gives the control to the user to decide on what they need.

Several users took to Twitter to express their anger. Some were quite furious with the new feature as it increased anxiety and distracted them from the important emails.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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