Skype 8.0 Is Getting Call Recording And Other Features

Many of us for our business and foreign calls are using Skype. Skype is one of the Microsoft’s most powerful product but it lacks a prime feature. There is no call recording feature available in the video calling software. Sometimes, it is really important to have the video calls saved for future reference but it was not possible till now. But, after 15 years of its launch, Skype is finally getting the much-wanted feature. Later this month, Microsoft will be adding a built-in call recording feature in the new update. Since the new feature is cloud-based, it will allow the users to retrieve the recording in many OS. The cloud-based feature is included in Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and also Linux.

The Call Recording Feature

Skype is getting the call recording feature after 14 years after its launch. Just like how Snapchat notifies the other users when a screenshot is taken, Microsoft will notify the other users if a call is being recorded. Microsoft said that “The call recording feature will include all the videos as well as the screens which are shared during the video call”.

The feature comes as a relief for many people. Before this, people had to rely on a number of third-party applications for recording their video calls. In that sense, Avaer has become the most popular app for recording the videos but now it will be useless.

Microsoft has brought in more updates in the Skype 8.0 version. However, many users would have questioned that why these features were not present before. Users can now make use of the ‘@’ for pointing to specific users. Media Gallery is included for the users to know what they have shared within the chat.

Moreover, Microsoft is trying a lot more. It is trying to implement its very own Content Creator Mode for streamers and bloggers. It will help them integrate Wirecast, Vmix and such directly on the platform.


Microsoft has been experimenting with a lot of stuff recently. One such is the update for Skype. However, the update seems pretty late. The Media Gallery, Mention feature is present on WhatsApp, Facebook for years. The call recording feature should have been included at the very beginning which would have made the app more usable. However, as it goes, better late than never.

There are no specific numbers through which it can be said that the new feature will prove vital for the platform. However, these features will be handy for the users while using the platform for making video calls or conference.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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