Case Study: Shocking Reason for the breakdown failure for Nokia – Its own CEO

Today we will talk about the most famous multi national corporation Nokia. Everyone among us must have heard its name . And ofcourse many of us must have used a product of Nokia. Let us know what happened to the company and the brand as it was really famous in a time, then what happened what things let company down. What situations did Nokia face and why? The company Nokia was established in 1865 in “Finland”. The company was famous to provide such services like better communication, Information technology and consumer electronics. In the time , this company made itself Worlds Biggest Mobile Company. It was the most famous multinational company in a time , and most of the people must have a question regarding the Nokia that how can a multinational company that was on its height can go down easily.

Nokia first bought a telephonic company “Mobira” . They made huge large telecome phone sets. In 1982, they first launched a car phone which had weight of 10kg . It was named as Nokia Mobira Senator. You must get shocked on reading it, but yes it was the first phone which had 10kg weight. Then after it they again launched their second invention which came in 1984 , it was named as Nokia Mobira Talkman .


It was considered as the first transportable phone , as people may now take this phone while going somewhere as it was portable but still like their first invention it was too little bit heavy and had half of the weight of their first invention . Then finally in 1987 happened something that never happened in the history of country. Nokia launched “Nokia Mobira Cityman” , it was quite lightier than the previous models but still a heavy one to handle. From this product nokia went on moving the upstairs of their success. This phone got a huge success as it was the first phone that was easily transportable . It was 800gm in its weight. The sale of this phone was on a height.

In 1991 , first GSM call was made by the Prime Minister of Finalnd “Harri Holkeri” and he was the first one to call through the Nokia.
In 1992, Nokia launched a new handset 1011. Then it got highly spreaded in the markets of nation “Europe and US” . After this , it was not the end of nokia , infact it was the starting and in 1994 “Nokia 2100 Series” got launched. It was used to considered as First feature phone.


Nokia first thought of selling 400,00 units of this series and also they built approx. 4 lac products, but they never knew that this phone will get so much love and demand that they sold 2 crore phones. They were growing much more as they were expected.
In 1992 – Nokia prediction : They used to think that the market is expanded and they need to product about 40 million handsets but the actual market size was 250 Million Handsets. Finally Nokia beat the “Motorola” and in a no time they became the number one company.

In 2003-2005 : Nokia gave us the “Nokia 1100” . As they were on their way , many companies like Samsung , Xiaomi , LG and many other start launching their own phones.
On the entry of Google and Android in the world of electronics , nokia went down in the markets of Europe and US but still it had a name in emerging Asian countries markets. After the launch of google and apple nokia almost lost about 30%. Samsung and Motorola launched flip phones and people found them something new .

Stephen Elop was one the reason behind the down of Nokia. He was the CEO in nokia , but first he was firstly associated with Microsoft. He wants nokia to join hands with Microsoft. That time nokia had its own operating system named “Meego” but as the Stephen Elop wants to be like the CEO of Microsoft , he just spoiled the name of nokia after which he was also names as the Trojan horse. Nokia was a global giant if they had joined hands with android they would have a high performance .


Because of the Elop , a company worth of $50 billion was sold in $7 billion.
Microsoft was a king for computers and laptops and they also wanted to be the best in the cell phones , which results them in buying the nokia. If nokia had joined and connected itself with the android then it had no need to be get sold to a company like Microsoft in the cheaper rate.
So this is how a company that gave us a large series of phones went on a height and because of the CEO they had to face some situations which they never imagined in the entire life.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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