Samsung’s Galaxy X is Developing Curved Batteries For Foldable Smartphones

With the latest updates regarding Samsung, it was found that Samsung is working on making a foldable phone. Samsung is reportedly working towards building their grand decade edition Samsung Galaxy X as a foldable phone. But, they are facing a lot of challenges which are quite obvious. Making a foldable phone is not so easy because everything inside has to be flexible. Having a flexible screen is tough, but having the vital parts flexible is also a problem for them. One such thing is having a curved battery to support the phone.

One of the most probable reasons we have not encountered any curved phones till now is due to batteries and other internal components. But, Samsung might have found a way out of it. According to rumors, Samsung has found a way to produce curved batteries to support their foldable phones.

Curved Battery?

The news is not the first instance when the world heard about curved batteries. Around four years back, Samsung created a curved battery called Samsung SDI. But, the battery had only 210mAh power which is too low for supporting the smartphones. However, Samsung did not leave the idea behind and has worked on it. According to ITHome, Samsung has found a way to create curved batteries of around 3000mAh to 6000mAh. The news is surprising because creating a battery with 6000mAh power is really a good job by Samsung.

Along with the Curved Battery, Samsung has created their very own curved OLED screen too. In 2011, Samsung displayed a prototype regarding the curved screen which supported nearly 1,00,000 open-close cycles. Once the stage was crossed, the brightness of the screen saw a permanent decrease of 6%. Hence, the idea was not totally feasible for a longer period.

Galaxy X – Samsung Flagship Mobile

Following the trend of Apple, Samsung is soon going to reveal their decade edition of Galaxy series. And to make it sound unreal like Apple, Samsung has found a way. Samsung has decided to make the Galaxy X as the world’s first foldable smartphone. To do this, they have put in a lot of effort over the years.

Samsung’s Galaxy X is said to have a 7.3 inch massive OLED display. The huge display will essentially make the phone a tablet when it is fully opened. Other than that, the phone looks good for usage and portability. But, it is not pocket-friendly in terms of cash. The phone is rumored to be priced around $1900 when it launches for the first time. However, for competition with the world, Samsung will try to launch it at a lesser price tag or possibly decrease the price further on. According to rumors, the phone is set to come out for the public in early 2019.

For supporting such a device, the main source is the power. Hence, the batteries have to be powerful or else the phone will end up being a failure model. But, Samsung has kept this in mind. Making a curved battery is surprisingly, but Samsung has taken it to another level by trying to make a 6,000 mAh battery.


With the world advancing more and more in tech, it will not be surprising anymore to hear such news. For many people, such news might have already become a common occurring. However, if Samsung succeeds in making the curved battery, it will be a major breakthrough for them. However, all these news are still in rumors and there is no official confirmation on them. We will have to wait until more news comes on it or Samsung comes out officially with their statement.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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