Forget Foldable Smartphone, Samsung is working on laptops with foldable display

Samsung’s goal of foldable displays in consumer electronics is not limited to smartphones with foldable screen. Samsung’s PC rival Lenovo is reportedly working on a laptop with a foldable screen, collaborating with LG Display. So, Samsung also announced its plans on a notebook with a large foldable display.

Samsung is expected to reveal its foldable smartphone concept next month. But, the company is also working on larger devices with foldable displays. For developing laptops with foldable displays, the company is collaborating with display makers. The company wants foldable displays that will not just simply fold in and out, but provide complete new user experience.

Forget Smartphones – Market wants laptops with foldable display

The concept of foldable displays in laptops could completely change the market. 1 device could be able to satisfy needs of 2. Currently, convertible laptops can easily twist and flip into tablet and media modes. But, a foldable display would change into something new. Samsung didn’t mention the name of the company it is working with, or any expected date for its design or retail device. Currently, laptops like HP’s new Spectre Folio and Microsoft’s “pocketable” Surface are considered ideal candidates for a foldable display.

According to reports, Samsung manages to sell around 3.2 million PCs each year. Also, they play a major role among IT products in increasing connectivity with other mobile devices. Recently, Samsung also unveiled an ARM-based Surface-like 2-in-1, with an LTE connectivity and battery that could last up to 20 hours.

According to Samsung, a foldable display will provide convenience of a smaller size when folded while traveling. Also, on unfolding, it could expand to a huge and more immersive display. Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh also believed that a foldable smartphone could be something meaningful to their customers. Along with Samsung, Huawei is also working on a foldable smartphone that can expand to a tablet-size screen.

According to recent Microsoft patent filing, Microsoft may be reconsidering its strategy for project Andromeda by adapting new hinge design and a single foldable display. We can say, Microsoft’s strategy matches to that of Samsung’s foldable smartphone and laptop strategy. Microsoft may also try its hands on new concepts for developing laptops with flexible display.

Earlier this year, Intel partnered with Lenovo and Asus for presenting its dual-screen laptop design. Such devices referred as Tiger Rapids replace the keyboard portion of a traditional laptop with a second screen. But, a second screen cannot provide a large foldable display. No doubt, Samsung will continue developing innovative PCs by working with partners like Microsoft and Intel.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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