Some Samsung phones are Texting User’s photos to random contact without any permisssion

According to recent updated issued that some users of Samsung registered their complaints for their Samsung smartphones, according to their complaints the previous updates of Samsung is not so good as it randomly sent text messages and photos to any contact. Even Reddit and Samsung official also post that there might be some bugs or issues were found in supporting boards which was first recognised by Gizmado, but fortunately this query is recognised only in few models of Samsung smartphones which includes Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8. Later this problem were also realised by the owners of the Samsung smartphones, according to them the default messenger of these mobile phones are not working properly. As this messaging app pushed photos and scheduled text to any random contact. But the main problem is that always there will be no evidence are available of messages get sent.

Even there was a complaint issued by a Raddit user where he told that he had a “Samsung Galaxy S9+” in which when he was sleeping at night their entire images present in his photo library get sent to a contact itself but may be he is fortunate that the random contact was his partner.

But still there is a problem that there is no evidence found regarding the sharing of photos through Samsung Messages. He also include that this was not his fault its a technical fault as he never used the Shared logs of Samsung gallery apps, after this he also say that he always use only social media sites or e-mail for photo sharing and never let his photo gallery open, and he knew this problem when he was checking his T- Mobile logs.

Unfortunately, this problem ruins the working ability of text messages. After this a user of Samsung Galaxy S9, said that this was all happens due to support board of this smartphone. And he also shared that his Samsung Messages is not working properly and it get hacked since he update his smartphone. He also include that various harmful threads are also generated which reduces the efficiency of messaging even many kind of errors are also detected.

Not only this but many complaints are also posted through email. And said that “they are T-MOBILE Customers and they got no satisfaction from the update of Samsung Messages. And they also wrote the long theory related to the defect occurred by the updates, and according to them is was all occurred by the carrier’s recent RCS (Rich Communications Services) updates. As this update is issued by RCS as their main aim is to improve the texting features of this smartphones. And they tried to did this by adding some features to it like they want to include group chat, video and GIF support even file and location sharing features also included to it. But after listening that photos are also shared randomly to any contact means that this Samsung Galaxy S9 also share the owner’s plans to others.

After so many complaints one of the Samsung spokesman said that “We are concerned about the reports regarding this matter and our technicians are looking into it. That person also shared the number of concerned Customer Care which is 1-800-SAMSUNG, so that people can directly register their queries directly to them.

Since after this whole blunder Samsung recently fixes the 2 problems which were affecting your mobile phones. For this, first you have to check your mobile settings by going to its app setting then revoke your Samsung Message’s ability so that no storage media can be transmitted. And this enable a complete lock on your media storage especially on your photos. But later this method can be a problem when you want to share the media but you won’t, as you have to restore your all setting again to make your photos/videos shareable.

And secondly Samsung company fix this problem by saying that try to keep avoiding Samsung Messenger and use any other app or method for sending text messages, till this query will completely resolved.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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