Samsung ordered to pay $539 million to Apple in the patent Dispute

The mind-boggling dispute between the two tech giants, Apple and Samsung, began back in 2011. This dispute finally settles as Samsung was ordered to pay about $530 million to Apple over infringements of its patents. This dispute is not related to the current flagship devices by the two tech giants. It is for the devices that are now no longer. Settlement of this case took years as both the sides argued over how much was owed per device and what could be deducted. It is not something everyone would love to hear, and probably its over now. Back in 2011, Samsung devices never had curved edges body. Also, some UI cues like pinch to zoom in and out, multi-touch gestures, and many more are the patents of Apple. So, Apple finally sued Samsung over this and won the case. If you don’t remember this dispute between the two tech giants, it goes around the point that Apple claims that after iPhone’s launch, Samsung’s new Galaxy range resembles its device. Samsung argues believing that it has not done anything wrong. But, on May 24, a judge in San Jose decided that the similarities were very strong to believe that either it was coincidence or the infringement of the patents.

Samsung was somehow lucky

In 2012, the court found that Samsung had clearly and willfully infringed on the patents in question, and ordered Samsung to pay Apple about $1 billion over infringements of its Design and Software Patents. Samsung made a way out of it by winning a big victory in the Supreme court. As it was all about the damages, Supreme court said that Samsung had to pay out only based on the profit from the infringing component. But, Samsung was again unfortunate as the judge considered the entire phone to be the infringing component. So, Samsung ended up with damages by selling the infringing devices. People started a debate about the validity and value of design patents that were set a long time ago and haven’t yet settled.

Samsung in a statement said that they are going to consider all options for obtaining a result which does not obstruct creativity and fair competition for all the companies in the market and the consumers. So, it seems Samsung might take this case as high as the Supreme Court again and extend the case out for another couple of years. Both the tech giants might even settle the case out of court instead of paying and accepting such legal fees in the future.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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