Read How Facebook Has Gone Viral By Stealing The News

One of the social sites that have gone almost viral to the end is “Facebook”. Everyone seems to be active on this site as it’s cost is really cheap which is afforadable. Before doing anything now a days people firstly prefers to update about it. It has become the first priority and one of the needs along with “Food, House , Clothes”. The facebook has become addiction too for the people that are not only enjoying but has made a source of earning from this social-media site. News outelets that are really huge on their own have almost sold their content and soul to the Facebook. Instead of developing an blog of homepage visitors they have let facebook use their content and people think that all the information they are reading is something Facebook is creating for them.

Rapidly facebook had gained million and billion users in no time, all this happened due to the viral stories that have been shared among us by the people.
Many networks have been brought between us that provides us the best news or the viral news , many people will be like this that never click on the links and rather prefer to read the news from the preview only.

Stupidily Done By News Formers :

When this social media site was launched there was no kinf of news feed. You used to go through one’s profile to one’s profile to look for something. This news feed came out in 2006 which really made facebook visitors enjoying the site , because with this feature people used to get about the news from the homepage and they need not to go through the profiles. They start getting the news from their homepage only.
As the users were shifted from PC’s and Mac’s to the new operating systems that are androids and iphones, the company had made the facebook applications that are now frequently run over the new OS.
For the people that are fond of learning and earning , facebook has become almost a part of their lives.


In 2015, Facebook realised that users don’t like waiting for the connection to be completed to load the facebook page. Facebook pages become heavy as it contains the heavy content and ofcourse a page with the heavy content will take time to load but as humans we never like to wait we are so busy in our lives that we want everything to run fast so we always seems avoiding those things that seems to take a little longers time than even. So the time facebook realised that users hate waiting for the slow mobile websites. They launched the Instant Articles to host the publisher content within its own app. The IA trained the users not to even visit new sites when they clicked their links. Advertisers followed, as the publishers were allowed to sell the advertisements on the Instant Articles.

Birth Of Instant Articles


This is how Facebook turned the publilshers into the writers. Not only people have earned through the networks or the Instant Articles. But there is also another way which is somewhat popular to some extent, i.e the way of earning through pages. People that have pages with the good quality likes or the high number of likes can sell their traffic to the networks , pages include any category like Bollywood, cricket, any brand or any else category. But very few among us would know about it because Facebook serves everyone everything they want. For the readers it provides the viral content and videos and for the people who works on the networks and wants heavy traffic, it provides them a good amount of heavy traffic to them. Or for the people that wants to earn , it provides them the source of earning.

Still, publishers have few huge source of traffic rather the social sites of Facebook and Google. However facebook have almost murdered the google readers and twitter followers and attracted them towards itself .
If people are still looking forward to get the latest news update and the viral stories and the intresting content , they will surely get it on the “Infomance” or it could be the another RSS and also they may add some of the few sites to the browers’s bookmark list.
Meanwhile, Facebook’s goal is to provide the high quality content to the users when it comes to the content, As it doesn’t really concerns with the quality and the publishers so whether the publishers provide the high quality or content or not but the content must be high in quantity .

Why Advertise Through 3rd Party :


Why advertise on an intermediate site when the owners can have the straight attention. But if they keep on working with the Facebook and providing their content to the facebook , another publisher will certainly bring the same stories to this network in return for the traffic boost. There will always be someone who will provide the same content on the small bid, which will surely raise the difficult situations for us.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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