‘Pokemon Go’ Updates: After Two Years, Adds Trading Pokemon and Friends List System

Pokemon Go – the game which took the world by storm probably with bad reasons. Nintendo combined with Niantic and launched the game on mobile devices 2 years ago. The game was received well by the users who took interest in playing it. Nintendo was rolling out the game at a slower pace to specific locations until it was available to all. Many people got addicted to the game but it ended up destroying the reputation of the game. It was held in many controversies when people met with an accident or even worse, died. The people got so addicted that they did not care about the surroundings and went to an extent for catching their favorite pokemon.

But, the game faded out in a few months after its launch. People lost interest in it primarily it drained a lot of batteries and also due to the news spreading out. Parents asked their children to stop playing the game. nintendo has been working hard to get the users back into the game. It made the game interactive with the Switch games encouraging users to come back.

But, now, Nintendo announced a new feature. It is rolling out a Poke-critical, which allows the users to share their pokemon with their friends or strangers. The feature was missing and was the users were longing for it. It will make the game more attractive and interactive.

New Features In ‘Pokemon Go’

The new feature is expected to be included in the game in a weeks time. Further, Nintendo is launching a new feature too – Friendship System. It is split into different levels – Good, Great, Ultra and Best. A Trainer Code is given to every user through they can make friends by sharing them. The users can share their pokemon within a 100 meters radius. Each transaction will cost stardust, an in-app resource. But, for trading, the user needs to reach Level 10 to get the option unlocked.

The friendship level can be increased by trading or sending gifts. Gifts are a new item which a user gets using a spinner at PokeStop. The app allows users to share rarer pokemon once per day with their lower-level friends. But, if the friendship level is high, it will allow a frequent transfer. Friends can further participate in gym battles which will increase the bond. There are other bonuses like attack boost which help during the battles. There’s a news feed where you can see the activities of your friend directly.

Fans have always craved for such a feature as it will help them play the game in multiplayer mode. History is the proof that the games which have options to connect with friends grow faster and gains user interest. It might be a bit late for Nintendo to introduce this feature but it surely will make the game more interesting. If you are thinking to play the Switch games, it might be the right time to start making your team.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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