Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Drains Headset Battery Life by 7 Minutes

Recently Facebook revealed that Oculus Quest Hand Tracking feature will drain Headset’s battery life by 7 minutes. No additional hardware is needed to enjoy this feature. The tracking accuracy expectations are sky-high.

At Oculus Connect 6, Facebook revealed that the hand tracking feature will release by next year and it enables users to access the Quest menu with ease. The good thing is that supported apps are easy to access without using the Touch controllers.

Low Battery Usage

Nowadays, battery life is the prime concern for users. Robert Wang said that they worked really hard to keep power consumption as low as possible while developing this feature.

Robert Wang also explained that it is not possible to use hand tracking and touch controllers simultaneously. The headset tracks your fingers and their corresponding touch controllers. The issue is that tracking both at the same time is not possible.

Machine learning research papers like inverted residual networks and depthwise convolutions to develop this feature. Instead of floating-point numbers, they have used 8-bit integers.

Advanced Finger Tracking

reduce headset battery life by 7 minutes

HTC’s Vive Focus tracks predefined gestures instead of individual fingers which makes it a basic hand tracking system. Finger tracking is not a simple feature because it involves capturing something that moves fast.

BigScreen gets tempted to make their hand tracking feature as default input method because of low battery usage. Also, Facebook’s hand tracking will help gamers play for a long time without worrying about the battery.

Hope you are aware that hand tracking is the only input method for Oculus Go. Also, this hand tracking feature is going to make our lives easier. To switch pages, you can just wave your hands. You can point on the desired object to select and for making changes, just grab the object. It’s that simple.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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