NVIDIA Introduces The World’s Smallest AI Computer

NVIDIA has moved into developing the world’s smallest AI computer. Stepping out of its lane and moving in this one, it has recently unveiled the new NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX.

The computer has highly efficient power consumption, up to 21 TOPS of computing power, all with Credit Card design. Earlier this year, it had also launched a low-cost machine learning computer named Jetson Nano.

The Raspberry pi of the Machine Learning World

The Raspberry pi of the Machine Learning World

It is known to be the world’s smallest AI computer and also the most powerful one. It has enhanced processing abilities than the other ones in this sector.

Although the Jetson Nano has many abilities, this time it seems to be different. The Xavier NX tends to offer much better performance with the same 10W power consumption. It can yield to up to 21 Tera Operations Per Second, isn’t it huge?

It’s not just about AI

It's not just about AI

Not only being focused on AI and its functions, but the goal of this product is also to serve as commercial brains for robots, sensors and drones. With the advantages of being fast and efficient, it also supports software such as mxnet, PyTorch, Caffe, Tensorflow and more.

The current Jetson Xavier AGX will still be sticking around the new Xavier NX, but definitely the new model will be much preferred. Thus, the company is offering software patches for the AGX model users to match the levels of the new NX model.


Planning to launch in March 2020, it’s going to be priced at $399. Although it seems a lot of money, it purely makes worth for this product with its high-end advantages.

With its new integrated machine learning, it looks like a very advantageous product for the public and the time doesn’t seem to be far when this product by NVIDIA will be proudly rocking the market.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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