Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 may be release in next month

The wait is over for all the gamers out there! Nvidia is going to release its new graphics cards due next month. The much anticipated next-gen graphics card – GeForce is launching soon. The new series is going to be named GTX 1100 is the company’s new gift to all the gamers out there. Nvidia started the gen of GeForce around two years ago. Since then they did not launch any new series and it was highly anticipated. A few days back, Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia said that the GPUs are a long time from now. But, with the recent news regarding Nvidia, we guess, the longtime meant next month by him.

Nvidia is reportedly hosting its Gamescom next month. The company has started giving out invites to people for the event on August 21st. The event is termed as a mysterious PC-related event by the company. Earlier, in the Lenovo’s E3 conference, their product manager was reportedly talking about a GTX 11 Series Nvidia Graphic Cards.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180

At the Computex 2018, the rumored GTX 1180 was first talked about but there was no real information out of it. But, according to the latest leaks and rumors, it is quite obvious now that we are gonna get our hands on the latest series. Once the new graphics card gets launched, it will be available for the users soon enough.

Along with the rumors, Micron the memory modules supplier for Nvidia has started mass production of GDDR6 to succeed their GDDR5 modules. The new memory modules will offer high-speed GPUs in the PCs.

The specifications of the new series were first spotted at the TechPowerUp GPU. With the news about the specs, it seems like the most powerful graphics card. Nvidia’s TitanXp is known as the most powerful graphics card currently but the new series seems to beat it easily. The GTX 1180, will use the GGDR6 memory modules, latest by the company. Along with that, the graphics card runs at 200 watts power. It has 3,584 CUDA cores, 224 TMUs with a 16GB GGDR6 RAM. The new graphics card is rated at Floating Point 32 performance manufactured at 12nm process.


There’s more to the Gamescom along with the GTX 1180. Nvidia will also launch a budgeted version graphics card called GTX 1170. It will feature 2,688 CUDA cores, 168 TMUs, 8-16GB RAM and so on. It also has a 9.75 Teraflops performance at FP32.

The main question regarding the latest graphics card is their price in the market. Last year, Nvidia’s graphics card price rose to maximum value due to the bitcoin and other crypto coins. But they have fallen down thankfully so Nvidia will have their price at check. According to rumors, GTX 1180 is said to be priced around $699. But, as we say the price differs due to the demand, it can surge up to $749 and so.

But, there are many gamers who are not concerned with the price tags. The new graphics card will open up options for 4K gaming and high-quality games. Let us wait until August 21st to find it out what Nvidia has for us.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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