Nvidia Android Shield TV Leaked Via Amazon Listing

Today, through amazon listing, Nvidia Android Shield TV device got leaked. And Nvidia fans can’t stop talking about it. An Amazon listing went live today and shortly Amazon removed the same. In that listing, hardware design and features got revealed.

Nvidia streaming device will come with new remote control. Nvidia Shield Pro will release on October 28th 2019. But this Amazon leak opened the floodgate. This pro version is 25% faster compared to Nvidia Shield released in 2017.

Amazing Listing for Nvidia Shield TV Captured


Android TV Rumors captured the amazon listing and shared via their twitter handle. It’s clear that this streaming device will cost you $199.99. It comes with 3GB of RAM and Tegra X1 processor. Also, you will get a 16GB of onboard storage. There are 2x USB ports and this device is almost similar to Shield TV barring the above features.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro comes with next-generation AI upscaling and this will surely improve the video quality. As per Amazon listing, Nvidia Shield TV pro will amaze with its stunning features. The user interface is great and it looks compact and stylish.

Dolby Vision and New Remote Control


The good news is this shield TV will support Dolby Vision and sound quality will be enhanced. You can stream 4K HDR videos and enjoy the Dolby vision. It also comes with Google Assistant support. Hands-free control from Alexa is a plus.

There are more buttons on the remote to offer extraordinary control. This new remote control looks like a pyramid and comes with a lost remote locator feature. IR blaster and backlighting are some of the noteworthy features in this Shield TV.

Second Leak Nvidia Android Shield TV


This Amazon listing is a great update on Android TV and looks like we are going to enjoy the new Streaming device for sure. Following this leak, another listing came on Amazon and this it is Shield TV and not Shield TV Pro.

The second leak revealed that Shield TV will have a MicroSD slot, 8GB flash storage and comes with a price tag of $150. Next week, these products will hit the market. We have to check whether the leaked features are present in released ones.


Both the leaks suggest that Nvidia has a lot of new features to offer. The Amazon listing is going viral even though it is removed from the website. Wait till October 28 to buy this Nvidia Android Shield TV Pro. Stay tuned for more updates of this streaming device.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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