Now, Indian Govt. plans to launch Super App for farmers

  • Currently, there are various apps for providing weather reports, harvesting procedures, market prices of agricultural commodities, etc, for helping farmers regarding agriculture.
  • New super apps will bring all this information under one umbrella for easy access.
  • Besides this, the app will bring new research & development, various govt schemes, and the market news in a single place.

Indian Government is planning to build a Super App to aggregate the agriculture sector in our country. Under this app, multiple digital platforms and existing various mobile application services regarding agriculture will be added for easy utilization, according to the ministry of agriculture and farmers’ welfare.

Aim of this consolidation

Now there are various apps such as Iffco Kisan, Kisan Suvidha, Pusa Krishi, Amkisan, Agrimarket, Mkisan, Shetkari Masik Android app, and ICAR’s Krishi Gyan. These all provide different information regarding agriculture. But it’s very difficult to access all of them at one time. That’s why the Government is planning to bring all these applications under one umbrella. This initiative will be more user-friendly and it will make it simple for farmers to collect information such as recent developments and research activities, market prices, weather updates, various govt subsidies and schemes, and other services also under one platform.

According to the official, this integration of various apps under a super app in one location will help farmers to collect information easily. In this way, all the information from crop harvesting to marketing will be at the fingertips of the farmer. Till now the agriculture sector is less connected to the digital world, but after the launch of this app, this concept will be changed.

Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar recently met with the senior officials of the agriculture ministry to review the progress on the development of super apps. It will be launched within a few weeks, according to the official.

Now the various government institutions and agriculture Universities are working on modifications to their existing apps so that they can be easily integrated with the super apps.

This app will be used as an education platform for farmers. It will give information about the latest technological development in agriculture and crop yielding, pre and post-yielding climatic change, and various issues of post-harvesting such as marketing also. More or less it will bring the farmer under a scientific agricultural environment.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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