Nokia phone Images Leaked with A Penta-lens 5 Rear Cameras

HMD seems to be working on a Penta-lens camera setup for a future Android-powered Nokia handset. From leaked images and design sketches, we will see a Nokia-branded phone with five cameras on the rear in the future. Earlier this year, rumors about a Nokia 10 device suggested that it will have the first Penta-lens setup. And now, we can see a leaked image of the handset.

The camera module comes with an array of five lenses arranged in a circular design. The branding of the camera module is done with the Zeiss brand. The Finnish company HMD Global licensed the rights to produce Nokia smartphones. And last year, it teamed up with Zeiss brand to reunite for the Android era of the Nokia smartphones. HMD has already started to use Zeiss optics in its latest Android smartphones. Also, Zeiss has even patented a miniaturized zoom camera system which looks very close to this leak. So, maybe Zeiss has patented this system because the new Nokia 10 device would feature it.

The first company to feature Penta-lens camera setup in its smartphone

We are not sure whether the leaked images suggest that the five camera setup would be used on a Nokia device. Earlier this year, Huawei came up with its P20 Pro that featured three rear cameras. Also, it supported 3× optical zoom or 5× hybrid zoom. So, LG is also rumored to have five camera setup (three at the rear and two at the front) for its next flagship device.

Penta-lens camera setup could easily assist in any zoom capability. But, it could even do more than that. Nokia has always been great with its camera work in its devices. For example, the 808 PureView, Lumia 1020 cameras, and last but not the least, Ozo VR camera.

Recently, HMD acquired the PureView brand from Microsoft. So, maybe we would see a new Nokia PureView smartphone. It doesn’t mean that we will have the same image sampling technologies as the 808 or Lumia 1020. Most of the Nokia’s talented PureView engineers quit the company as Microsoft acquired the company’s phone business and destroyed it. So, now as Nokia is back with the HMD Global, we will certainly see more technologies with the camera setup.

Apple hired Nokia’s Lumia photography expert to work for the camera setups. So, we cannot be sure whether the Penta-lens camera setup will come up with a Nokia branded smartphone. Still, if Nokia comes up with five cameras, it could be a fascinating entry into the competitive smartphone market.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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