Nokia-maker HMD Global wishes to make components in India

Finnish company HMD Global, that sells the popular Nokia brand of phones, wants to focus on manufacturing its own components. With an aggressive growth in India, and watching the market of the country, company wants to manufacture its components here. In 2016, HMD Global acquired the licence to sell Nokia-branded devices for the next 10 years. It possibly displayed the first line-up of Nokia last year. HMD Global is also aiming to expand its portfolio for entering all price segments in the market of India. They have started their own online shops for selling Nokia handsets and accessories in the country. The company has managed to sell 70 million Nokia devices globally. Their business has grown by nearly 5 times since the past eight months in India. In the feature phones market, Nokia was at fifth position with six percent share in the last year.

Manufacturing program of HMD Global

In an IANS interview, Ajey Mehta, Country Head-India and Vice President of HMD Global said that the company is having a phased manufacturing program. They have also started a conversation with their partner Foxconn with an aim to manufacture their own components in India.


Reports- Nokia 6 with 64GB storage and 4GB RAM soon to launch in India. This will be said as 2018 variant.

Mehta also informed that they are taking some time to progress. They know that they are behind, but eventually they will start progressing. Components attracting import duty will be manufactured in India. Government has also helped to boost domestic manufacturing in the country. It has imposed a duty of 10 percent on the import of prime components of manufacturing such as camera module and printed circuit board assembly. The method to produce electronic circuits in which the components are placed or directly mounted over the surface of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) is called surface-mounting technology. To work on surface-mount technology lines, company will be found working with Foxconn. Mehta has assured IANS that company will be doing this for sure, sooner or later.


The company also wants to focus on feature phones

In the smartphone market of India, the company has launched its flagship device, Nokia 8 Sirocco along with two other mid-range devices. These two mid-range devices are – Nokia 6 (2018 variant) and Nokia 7 Plus. Both runs on Android One OS. Nokia 8 Sirocco is made out steel. It comes with a compact design to perform well. The company is really confident about its performance. For them, feature phones are also a great opportunity. They are aiming to make huge investment in feature phones to refresh some classic phone models. The competition in feature phones market has also changed significantly in the last year with the arrival of companies such as Nokia HMD, Itel and Reliance Jio. Since last year, HMD Global is trying to work on all the segments in India and, this year, it seems they are going well. Collaboration with IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders has also increased value of the brand in the country. Company is successfully running a worldwide business. They are eager to enter all the segments of India and wishes to focus on the consumers including feature phone users.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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