New React Going To Enter Facebook That Is Thumbs Down

All of us are familiar with the social site that has gone viral to the end. One of two persons are active on facebook. Its users are getting increased day by day. Not only in india and usa but the other countires either uk or china or any other seems attracted towards the only site that is Facebook. Before doing anything people seems first updating about it . We can say that Facebook has become the first priority and the most important need too. There are many things to do on facebook like you can read the viral news and stories, posts of friends and updates, latest updates about the country , search anyone, and also facebook provides you the feature of playing the games online too. Facebook is all set to give an update soon that is we will be provided a new reaction that is unlike with the image thumb down. Facebook has confirmed in the latest news that soon we will be able to unlike the update post. With this new feature Facebook will allow its users to downvote the comments they don’t like and considered inappropriate or will not satisfy them.This step could be seen as a means to promote healthy discussion and interaction among the users.

New Feature Ready To Enter


The one of the features people like is to like some status’s and commenting on it. Recently just facebook announced some of the new reactions that include love, wow, sad and angry emotion in it.With the love reaction you can show that you loved the update , with wow you can show you are surprised with the update , with the sad reaction you can show your sadness and feel sorrow whereas with the angry reaction you can show the anger towards the update. Facebook update happens daily , with the time facebook modify some of the things that need to get changed. Sometimes these updates are loved sometimes they are not loved. Facebook let you enjoy the world in your phone and let you message anyone either you are friends with them or either not.

New Update That Include Down Vote :


As per The Daily Beast , Facebook has confirmed that it’s testing a feature for people to share feedback about comments on public post posts. The test is in process of being carried out by the team of the few people that are included in the testing team and the process will be carried out on a group of few people. If the feature will get the success and good comments , the feature will remain forever between us , if the downvote reactions fails to get the good response and will not be likes by the users that in the no time Facebook will remove it from the script.


It’s a unkown fact that users always demanded , Facebook having the dislike button, everytime people start abusing about each others comments rather now they will simply be able to dislike someone’s comment.
At this moment its now final and the tentative date has not been finalized that when the feature will be rolled out . We will update you as soon as we get any kind of information about it.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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