Neuralink – What Neurologists Think About It?

Elon Musk’s Neuralink has done great experiments to date and it doesn’t stop. It has to go far in the field of Neurology.
Neuralink is a company by Elon Musk, its major focus is on creating an interface between the human brain and a machine.
As a result, most of the technologies rolled out by Neuralink have their base on the fundamentals of the human brain and machine interface.
Elon Musk has the ambition to cure most of the neurological problems with the technologies designed by Neuralink.

Neurologists are far behind from Neuralink reach

Neurologists are far behind from Neuralink’s reach
Neuralink designs chips which are then implanted in the brain of a person with the help of Surgical robots devised by Neuralink itself.
Firstly, The device makes use of the signals of the brain and uses it for other functions. Secondly, The signal from the brain can help in performing functions in the body which can fix certain body problems.
The body problems which fall in the curable field are spine and brain problems. Those problems which need neurologists to cure them.
Neurologists have a say that Elon Musk has excelled in the field of Neurology. Because he has made it possible to play songs in the brain and the neurologists are not even close to it.

Neurologists are doubtful about Neuralink long term plans

Neurologists are doubtful about Neuralink’s long term plans
Seeing the progress of Neuralink in Neurology neurologists got impressed and inspired. Yet, they have skeptical concerns for its long term use.
Neurologists are doubtful about putting a chip in the human brain for a long period like years. An electrical device that is going to stay in a human brain is an undigestable thought.
They have fears about the harm it can do a person’s brain. It can cause an infection in the skull or inflammation.
The other concerns of Neurologists are cheap viability, the Neuralink’s device as launched will be going to be quite expensive. It can create cultural divisions amongst people.

A coming Era of future Tech and Billionaires

A coming Era of future Tech and Billionaires
In the present times of today where there are growing billionaires, the tech has given them the liberty to enjoy and the poor to envy them.
Neurologists are very hopeful with Neuralink. They think it can contribute a lot in the field of Neurology and built advanced techniques to come over those problems.
But Elon Musk’s approach is towards earning money from this rather than helping the medical treatments.
Neurologists are sad and they feel the advancement in the technology is getting rampant all over. In addition, this has the investment of huge money and propaganda behind this.
Amidst all this the hard work the scientists do is not taken into consideration and sidelined.


Neuralink is doing great work in the field of AI and advancing technology. It is launching out new and exciting brain-machine interface technologies.
The worry is that Neuralink has shifted from a more important focus to a less important. The technologies should be for a better purpose like curing medical problems of people related to the brain.
But the reality of Neuralink deflects from this focus.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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