MIT Develops Robot That Can Reach New Heights Like A Plant

MIT develops robot that can grow as a plant grows itself. The robot moves upwards, just like a plant when it requires some extra reach.

This robot type is designed so it can reach to a hard-to-go area and extend to a previously unreachable height. It isn’t a soft robot. It also does all of these tasks by maintaining its rigidity to support its mechanism on its tip.

MIT Develops Robot To Solve Industrial And Commercial Problems

This robot solves the problem with industrial robots without a doubt. It reaches hard-to-get-at areas and moves towards cluttered and clogged places easily at factories and warehouses.

Special designing of layouts takes place to accommodate robots at factories and warehouses. But this robot breaks all these challenges and issues. It fits in all spaces and takes less ground area.

MIT’s Achievement With Robots

Soft robotics has done much for the already existing robots. Also, it hasn’t been able to get heavy-duty cameras and sensors alongside weight management. MIT develops robot that challenges the latest technological advancements.

But MIT has been successful by solving all these problems using a chain like an apparatus. It is not too different than a bicycle chain, the only difference is that it can rigidly create a column by interlock blocks and ‘lock’ into one another, and then can ‘unlock’ into one flexible state.

MIT Develops Robot

This means the robot can tighten its chain and move in the factory. But when it comes to reaching, it can loosen up its chain, extend its arm, do the work and come back to a normal state.

Does It Have Potential Outside The Lab?

This robot can be a great solution for the industries and warehouses. Unveiling this kind of robotics can lead to a long way of varied applications. This proves it to be a very good deal not just in the labs of MIT. It is advantageous for market sectors.

This ‘Grobot’ tends to provide new market sectors with a hope to have fast functioning and weight plus space management all in one.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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