Mind Reading Technology That Lets You Control Tech With Your Brain

Technology advancements today have shown us wonders not imaginable a hundred years ago. With new advancements and innovations going on every day, we can definitely expect some mind-reading technology?

Well, whether you expected it or not, it is here already! And it comes in the form of wearable gadgets. 

Most of the companies working with the latest technologies are focusing on the ‘Brain-Computer Interface.’

Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface

Brain-Computer Interface is the technology used for connecting brains to devices. Oh no, not literally, but technically. 

The devices using Brain-Computer Interface record brain signals and translate them into digital signals. They do these using sensors that are placed on the scalp or implanted within the brain.

The industry of devices using this technology is expected to boom this year and reach $1.5 billion. This technology is suitable for education, prosthetics, gaming and smartphone home control.

NextMinds’s Brain-Sensing wearables

NextMinds’s Brain-Sensing wearables

This all isn’t some science fiction but is already happening around us. The fast-growing neurotech company NextMind has a headset that measures activity using sensors in the back of your head.

CEO of NextMind Sid Kouider explains it here:

“You don’t see with your eyes. Your eyes are just a medium. Your vision is in your brain and we analyze your vision in your brain. Then we know what you want and we can modify it to basically create a command.”

Although you can’t use this technology yet, a developer kit worth $399 is available. Kouider says it will take some time until they “nail the right use case.”

The “wearable brainwave visualizer”

The “wearable brainwave visualizer”

BrainCo is another company dealing with the brain-computer interface. They have developed the FocusOne headband with sensors on the forehead. It will measure the activity in your frontal cortex. 

Also being called a “wearable brainwave visualizer,” it is designed to measure focus. The creators of the FocusOne want it to be used in schools.

President of BrainCo Max Newlon told how FocusOne works. It detects the subtle electrical signals that the brain produces. Now, these signals will eventually reach your scalp.

When the signals reach your scalp, the sensor on FocusOne picks them up and determines if your brain is in state of engagement or relaxation.

These headbands would help teachers to determine if kids are zoning out. The cost of headbands for students is $350 and for consumers is $500. 

The games and software in the headband would help the users in understanding how to focus and meditate.


So do you see how technology is evolving to the extent of getting into your head? But don’t worry, as many believe, it doesn’t only have bad consequences. This can be a great tool for people to help them focus and meditate.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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