Microsoft launches “Startups Founder Hub” for Indian Entrepreneurs

  • Startups founder hub specifically designed for Indian newcomers startups.
  • Officially about 67,000 startups according to the Department for Promotion and Internal Trade.
  • This hub has been designed by Microsoft cloud service and under the mentorship of industrial experts.

On 31st March Microsoft launched Startups Founders Hub in India, to accelerate the growth of Indian Entrepreneurs. This hub will support them at every step of their journey with access to more than $300,000 in benefits of technology and tools.

Under this platform, the startups will get help to lower the barriers to business creation at an early stage and it will act as a bridge for Entrepreneurship and innovation. The company also stated that this hub also provides mentorship and skilling opportunities from industry experts and its Microsoft Learn Platform.

The company also highlighted that this hub will be available for all startups in India, including those without third-party validation or funding.

Sangeeta Bavi, the Director of the Startups Ecosystem at Microsoft,  said that “Disruptive innovation in Indian startups is accelerating the country’s position to become one of the leading startup hubs of the world”.

She also added that ” We look forward to how our new offering will support more founders in Asia and provide access to the technology, tools, and resources they need to build and run their business”.

This startup’s founders hub has been created by extensive research and the mentorship of hundreds of startups founders who apparently shared their need for accessing the digital ecosystem.

Now India is the third-largest ecosystem for startups in the world, with nearly about 100 Unicorns with a total value of over $320 billion.

Currently, there are nearly 67000 startups that are officially recognized by the Department for promotion and internal trade.

For further development of this startups hub, Microsoft is also collaborating with companies like openAI, a Global leader in AI research and deployment, for developing AI systems for the benefit of the startups.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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