Mark Zuckerberg posts on his official Facebook Page about changes to be made

In the beginning of the year 2018, Facebook said that it would be making a number of changes to improve Facebook and handle advertisements. But, in the past several months, voter profiling firm Cambridge Analytica was found obtaining and using personal data of Facebook users. In January, Facebook fixed it algorithm to focus more on content from friends and family. But then, the news of Cambridge Analytica broke and Facebook quickly initiated changes in its data, content and privacy policies. Finally Facebook announced the latest of those changes. Apart from political ads, Facebook announces to make changes to the transparency of all ads.

Pages with large following will need to complete the verification process

Facebook said that any Page with a “large” following will be a subject to verification, regardless of its categories. Administrators of these Pages would not be able to post anything from it unless they complete the verification process. Verification process could carry some implications for any advertisers or marketers with a large following. The process could get elongated for publishing content on the Page. Facebook wants to remove all the fake accounts and this process could make it much harder for fake accounts to exist. These fake accounts are already violating Facebook’s policies. According to Franco, verifying your page could be a bit of headache, but it would help to improve and increase the legitimacy of your contents, and make Facebook a better and safer place. For transparency, these changes are necessary.

Pages will appear with some additional context like any historical name changes it has gone through. Facebook recently announced to display more details with the stories appearing in the News Feed, and such an additional context would satisfy it. Additional information such as “official” Wikipedia entry on the publisher of the story, related articles of the same topic, and where and for how many times that story has been shared on Facebook will also get displayed. It will also provide a feature such as “More From This Publisher”, which will allow users to see the recent stories posted by the publisher.

Changes to avoid interference in elections

Some important elections are coming up in the countries of the world such as US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan and more countries in the next year. So, it is a primary goal of Facebook to have positive part in it and prevent interference in these elections. Facebook identified Russian interferences in the 2016 US elections. Mark Zuckerberg published a post on his official Facebook Page to announce these changes. Facebook also plans to remove 70 Facebook accounts, 65 Instagram accounts, and 138 Facebook Pages that were governed and controlled by the Russia-Based agency, called Internet Research Agency (IRA).

Facebook says that they are planning to implement all the changes before the 2018 elections. These changes would not stop all people trying to fool the system. But they will make it much harder for anyone to do something similar to what Russians did during the 2016 elections. These changes will also prevent fake accounts and pages to run ads. Facebook understands that Election interference is a really big problem and hence they support Honest Ads Act.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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