Magic Leap One ‘Spatial Computing’ will ship this summer Run with Nvidia’s Tegra X2

Many people would have been eagerly waiting for the Magic Leap One headset to come into the market. The dream is finally going to be true. Magic Leap has finally revealed that their headsets will be hitting the stores finally after a long wait. The headset is said to be the world’s first ‘Spatial Computing’ mixed reality headset which will be made public this summer. A few months back, Magic Leap One Creator said that the device will be available in early 2018, but they failed to make the deadline. But, now it seems like the company is well on its path to release the headset to the public by summer 2018.

Magic Leap One

In a live stream event today, Magic Leap One Creator revealed more details about the new headset. AT&T will be the official US Carrier Partner for the headset. Along with that, it was revealed that the main processor power behind the headset is powered by Nvidia Tegra X2 system. The powerful Nvidia Tegra processor is a little bulky hence the company has decided to place it in a hip shaped packet. Many of the employees offered to reveal more details about the new headset during the live stream. However, the price and exact date of the product was not revealed during the streaming season. But, the headset is said to cost around the price of a normal high-end smartphone does.

In the live stream, the team showed a live demo of their new headset. The demo was known as ‘Dodge’ wherein the user was dodging the shots thrown over it from a rock-throwing golem. The demo further showed how it is responsive to and gestures. At one instance, the user used his hands to block the rocks thrown at him. He was able to pinch zoom at locations and hold it for spawning the golem. But, there were a few limitations with the demo. It was not able to recognize when to block the image with hands leading to a less powerful mixed reality experience. However, the headset is in its initial state and is expected to improve later on.


The headset is said to be used only within the house even though it is portable. Many technical specifications were missing within the live stream. For instance, how wide the field of view will be was not revealed. The demo revealed that the headset will be using a physical controller and hand gestures to support it.

However, Magic Leap One is very confident about their product. They have taken big claims on their new product which will be made available in the market. But, the hardware and software problems remains uncovered. Once we get our hands on it, we will get to know the problems the headset has.

Magic Leap One is one of the blooming startups which has acquired a funding of nearly $2.3 billion from various top companies like Google, Alibaba and many others. With the new partnership announcement with AT&T, the tech looks promising. In near future, the Magic Leap One headset will be made available in the stores for the users to try their hands on it.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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