London Size Massive Iceberg Breaks off from Antarctica

Massive iceberg weighing 315 billion-tonne broke off from Antarctica. This enormous iceberg is equal to London in size. It measures 610 sq. miles.

This iceberg broke off from the Amery shelf which is the third latest ice shelf in Antarctica. US National Ice Center named this iceberg D28. A similar incident happened in 1963. 

What Happened?


Researchers detected that a huge iceberg broke off from Antarctica. Though the iceberg broke off a week before detection by the European Sentinel-1 satellite system. The iceberg is continuously tracked by experts to know its movement. 

The iceberg D28 is freely floating in the ocean. The European Space Agency released a GIF showing the before and after images of the iceberg. 

Shipping operations will be troubled by this iceberg in the Prydz Bay area of the Antarctic region. Calving is the term used to describe the process of ice breaking off. 

Is This Because of Climate Change?


The answer is NO. Scientists say “this is normal and part of a cycle. No need to panic and calving happens every 60 to 70 years”. Helen from Scripps Institution of Oceanography said that this event is not going to affect the sea levels by any means. 

The east of Antarctica—where D28 broke off—is different from the west of the continent and Greenland, which are rapidly warming due to climate change.

Many researchers say this event is a balancing one. When an iceberg breaks off, it leaves space for storing the incoming snowfall. 


East of Antarctica is the place where this D28 iceberg broke off. The effect of climate change is clearly visible in the western region. It is rapidly warming causing icebergs to melt. 

What’s Next: Future of D28

Satellites will monitor the Amery shelf because there are chances of some more icebergs collapsing in the near future. That might cause a huge problem for shipping. 

Satellites will monitor the movement of D28 in order to stay alert. If more ice formation happens around D28, it might block the shipping route causing huge trouble.


The iceberg moving westwards for now. If unpredictable events happen in the future, the impact may be devastating to mankind. It takes several years to melt the D28 iceberg completely. 

A68 berg, three times bigger than D28, broke off in 2017 from the Larsen C Ice Shelf. It caused panic all around the world at that time. 

The movie “Titanic” taught us what damage an iceberg can do to human lives. 

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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