LinkedIn has a bizarre update regarding hashtags and people are furious over it

The latest news arriving in the social networking area is that LinkedIn is reportedly trying to test a new feature on their site. Some users reported that they are unable to make any new posts unless and until they add a hashtag to the post. It is running a minor test on its social networking platform where some users are required to use some kind of hashtag which describes their post before they can post it using their personal accounts on the website. This change made by LinkedIn was noticed by a set of users who were then left baffled by this move of LinkedIn trying to implement the age old feature of using hashtags. Users who faced these issues took it onto Twitter expressing their anger towards them. One of them tweeted – “LinkedIn has finally discovered hashtags and you have to use them!”. Some users questioned LinkedIn on Twitter regarding the issue and LinkedIn replied positively confirming the test feature. They tweeted back in return that – “We are trying to run a small test to understand the value of using hashtags while posting to serve people better”. They also added that they are trying to help the members to discover groups and join relevant conversations going on.

While LinkedIn is trying to improve user experience but the users who got the feature are expressing skepticism at the idea mainly because using a hashtag in order to finish the posts may not be much user-friendly. There was backslash on Twitter by users regarding this feature saying, “Suggesting hashtags to users while posting is a good thing but forcing them to use it every time is a disadvantage of the feature”.


In support of LinkedIn, trying to implement such features can be very useful for the users to see relevant posts and conversations and this feature is quite successful in major platforms too like Twitter and Instagram. LinkedIn can also understand their users better by using this feature showing them relevant posts which will eventually improve the user experience. While LinkedIn has not said anything about how big and wide the testing feature is spread to its users but being receiving so many backslashes regarding the necessity of posting with a hashtag, it must be good if they find a different way around regarding the study of the hashtag usage pattern of its users to deliver a better user experience.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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