Killer robots are Responsible for Danger of AI showed by Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

The world is advancing towards Artificial Intelligence trying to prove it is for the better of mankind but recently we might have seen the worse side of it too. Our data being stolen when we were assured of our privacy is a big hurt for any company in terms of its reputation. The same happened with Facebook recently when their data were reportedly stolen. AI might have intelligence but it depends on humans how they use it. Steve Bannon, Alex Nix and Dr.Aleksandr Kogan showed us the darker side of Artificial Intelligence which shows us that we are trouble! Cambridge Analytica showed us the dark side when it used machine learning, science and data from Facebook and created a pattern to determine the lifestyle of American people and use the data for many purposes. They did not break any law in doing this. The core of this scandal has been Artificial Intelligence which is termed as the new killer robots. They did not hurt any people physically or mentally but they do a lot more than this. They can change the way a person sees the world through the internet.

Back in 2013, Michael Kosinski demonstrated a white paper which showed that Artificial Intelligence can predict a person’s trait better than someone who knows that person for years! But this might not sound all good with what effect it might have in future. Being better than what humans can do is not better in reality.


Cambridge Analytica has its headquarters in New York and Facebook has in California. So basically, the American people are being attacked by their own people instead of the outer world. All over the twitter, #deleteFacebook is trending and it might not be all bad. Brian Acton, the co-founder of WhatsApp joined the people and said that Facebook must be deleted and forgotten. In the US, a user filed a complaint regarding the use of her data and sued Facebook. Facebook has a lot many data about people and losing it to a third party might not sound better for the people as it might reveal all their activities which might be sold and later used against them.


Facebook initially tried to brush all this off but later they admitted to the claims. They hired a forensics firm named Stroz Friedberg which will perform an audit of the data of Cambridge Analytica but Zuckerberg did not say anything about this. Later, Facebook said that it will be changing its policies of sharing data with third-party applications. Finally, Zuckerberg addressed the public on Facebook writing a post and apologizing to the public for the loss of data and assuring that they will take steps to protect it.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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