iOS “Developers form Union” to push Apple on free Trial policy and App Store Revenue cut

IOS developers are fed up with Apple’s App Store Policies. Apple has always been ignorant to some App Store changes over the past years. Thirty-five iOS developers have formed a Union to call on Apple for better treatment of developers. They have formed a website which includes Brent Simmons; Glassboard and Vesper maker, and Jake Schumacher; the director of App ‘The Human Story’. Thirthy-one other developers are also listed on the site supporting this move. Also, the website provides the list and an option for other developers to join the list adding their app to support the cause. Apple has been ignorant over App Store revenue cuts and more flexible ways to distribute software. It also includes free trials. Due to such policies, Apple has received many pushbacks from developers in the past few years. Though Apple introduced ability for users to preorder apps and for developers to provide discounts on subscriptions and free trials, its policies seem to be very hard for developers to make a living.

In 2016, Apple faced a huge fall in the App Store’s revenue model. So, it offered its developers to keep an additional 15 percent of in-app purchase revenue for users subscribed to a service for more than 12 months through the app. Apple fought with Amazon and Spotify over the App Store revenue cut. So, these companies pushed users to the web to avoid paying 30 percent fee. Even today, Amazon makes its users to purchase digital items like Prime Video rentals through its web, and not Amazon or Prime Video apps. Developers want Apple to expand its free trial policy. Also, the Union wants Apple to have better terms for App Store revenue cuts which have remained 70-30 since 2008. The website of the Developers Union mentions that it is a non-union union created to bring supporters and developers together to demand better App Store policies for everyone that use and create apps. If the Union get supports from the big names like Amazon and Spotify, it could likely make Apple concede on elements of the App Store.


A message to Apple was posted by the Union. They believe that people who create software should be able to make a living. For sustainability in the App Store, they have created The Developers Union. They want Apple to allow free trials for all apps in the App Store by the tenth anniversary of the App Store (which is in July).

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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