Internet Of Things (IoT): Backbone of Future Technology

We might be having people in our locality working in an Internet of things (IoT) firm. In a nutshell, people know the Internet of things as a mere word. But the true meaning and conceptual clarity about the word is very blurred.

Internet of things(IoT), It is a term that we ought to listen very often in the present scenario. These days the internet has also managed to be a part of basic human necessity alongside food, cloth, and shelter. When we talk about the internet, the first picture that comes to our mind is of the gadgets that we connect to the internet.


A standard set of gadgets include tablets, mobile phones, desktops and, laptops. Another set of appliances that can be linked to the Internet are fitted with various sensors, actuators etc.

By the help of these sensors and internet connectivity. We can remotely control or monitor the activity of various appliances.

Utility Of IoT

The non- standard devices communicate with one another via the internet. In other terms, information is being shared among them all. It is like a language with the help of which devices speak to one another. This is not only a fascinating idea but a reality.


All these gadgets send the necessary information about the functioning of itself as well as the data it recorded to a cloud. Based on this data we can get the gadgets serviced or repaired as and when required.

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Just to Illustrate, If Air-conditioner of your home is connected to an internet tethering source. You can switch on your Air-conditioner prior to the time you reach home.

Scope Of Growth


In 2019, we have only explored IoT by 1%. We need to unveil every branch and possibility of IoT to its fullest. Every day, we listen to a lot of brands launching various IoT enabled products. Surveillance cameras, televisions, fitness tracking watches, refrigerators, and a lot more electronic gadgets can be connected to the internet.

Various Fields where IoT is Implied

We have listed various fields where IoT can be implied for the betterment and comfort of the human race.

  • Smart Home


We often listen to a smartwatch, smartphone and, even smart T.V’s. However, a smart home is something really new to everyone. There are many companies or startups which are working on this side. They are trying to install several sensors which are connected to the walls of your home. When these sensors will notice that there is an absence of movement, the doors and, window panes will automatically get closed. These can be prevented very easily.

  • Industrial Uses


In an industrial unit, there are a lot of machines that perform highly optimized work. From attaching a label to the product, sealing as well attaching a barcode to box every little action is computerized.
However, if these machines are connected to the internet. They will automatically report any kind of ambiguity done by them.

  • Smart Farming


Farming is the backbone of any nation. Farmers play an important role in feeding the population. Various technically advanced threshers and harvesters have aided the process of farming.


However, if add some chemical sensors in the soil which can monitor the amount of mineral and moisture is soil. Fertilizers can be sprayed as and when required. The irrigation levels can also be maintained.

  • Smart Vehicles


These days, various vehicles are preinstalled with GPS and other sensors. These sensors not only help in navigation but also monitor the condition of the engine, refilling schedules for fuel and other things.


The hype around IoT is understandable. This futuristic approach can help in raising the living standards of the human race. Internet of things enables various devices to send mandatory information to the cloud. Out if which the useful information can be kept while other can be discarded.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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