Finally! Instagram rolls out ‘Mute’ feature to avoid annoying people on your feed

You might have attended countless weddings, parties and met people who ask you to follow them on Instagram and obvious, like their posts. But they are the most irritating people known to you and following them might end up making your feed full of posts. And so, the most awaited feature of Instagram has finally arrived though late but better than never. On Tuesday, Instagram announced that a mute feature will be available for all the users. The user can enable the mute feature on certain accounts to ignore their posts without. Unfollowing them thus saving the relations without letting them know that you have had enough of their posts on your feed.


Instagram previously allowed the users to mute a person’s story (disappearing photos at videos which appears at the top column in the home screen for 24 hours). From appearing on their home screen of the application but it did not allow the users to mute the posts which appear later on. In a statement, Instagram said – “This new feature will let users hide posts from specific accounts without unfollowing the person/page. This will allow the users to personalize their feed with what matters to them and what doesn’t”. The mute feature is also present on Facebook and Twitter and was long requested on Instagram too which the developers have heard and taken care of it.

A spokesperson from Instagram declined to provide more specifications of the new feature. Explaining that it is part of the effort to let users have more control over what they want to see on their feed. She also added that “We are looking forward to making the feed provide better user experience and personalization”.



Some users have made it as a platform to earn and have been complaining that it is not responsive enough. In 2016, Instagram used a specific algorithm which scrambles the posts in some order rather than chronological order of the posts. In March this year, Instagram announced that it has been testing a new post button feature that will allow more user customization on their feeds. Many power users (Users who have a lot of followers in tens of thousands and earn their living through Instagram) has said that this feature was long overdue. Natalie Franke, another power user with 60000 followers said that “This is the feature which the people wanted from a very long time”.

You might be wondering what you can unfollow those annoying people and they might never know if you ever followed them (remembering 100s of followers can be a difficult task), then you must know that there are many third-party applications which let users find the people who have unfollowed them and it might result in an awkward situation let it be personal or professional.


To mute someone, just go to the menu button which is on the top right corner of each post you see on your feed and tap Mute and thus the posts from those annoying people will no longer appear on your feed and more importantly, it won’t be sending an alert to the person you have muted. Not just posts, you can directly mute the story from the posts’ menu. However, you will still be notified when the person whom you have muted tags or comments on your posts. The feature is still rolling out slowly and it might take a few weeks to reach to all of the users.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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