Instagram rolls out Group Video Call

Instagram has brought about two major changes in a weeks time. First, Instagram launched its very own IGTV to compete with YouTube. Now, they are rolling out video call feature to compete with SnapChat, FaceTime, and others. The feature was promised by Facebook at the F8 conference in May and they have kept their words. The video call feature has started rolling out for the users of iOS and Android in the beta stage. Let us look in detail about the features of Insta’s very own video calls.

Instagram is trying a lot to conquer the majority of the users’ attention to its own application. With over a billion people using Instagram, it has a high scope to beat its competitors like YouTube, Snapchat. It is doing so by introducing the IGTV and now the video call feature. Before this, Instagram came up with Stories and disappearing photos. In a report, it was revealed that average time spent by users on Instagram has increased from 20 minutes per day to 55 minutes. Increase in the time spends means increase in their total value. Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012 and now it is being valued at $100 billion!

The New Video Call Feature

Instagram’s new video call feature supports up to 4 users at a time which is on par when compared to its competitors. However, the new feature does have some uniqueness. While the users are on a video call, they can easily minimize the video and browse around the app. The call will not be terminated hence the user can use the app as well as talk on the call. The co-browsing feature adds up for the uniqueness of the video call which Instagram has introduced today.

A user can make a video call to anyone whom they can send a Direct Message. No user can make calls to the person who has blocked them hence providing a layer of security and comfortability.

Other Features

Apart from the IGTV and video calls, Instagram is rolling out more features it promised at the F8 conference. The explore page will now be personalized for the users rather than just a mix and match of posts. The users will now be able to see a tab of various options like, “For You Collection”, something regarding the Art, Sports and so on. Users can easily swipe between the tabs and view the contents. A hashtag tab will also be displayed from which the user can select the sub-hashtags and browse through articles regarding that.

Instagram is also rolling out filter effects for its camera designed by its partners. The partners are able to use the filters which you can see on their profiles. Instagram is trying to make their camera suitable to AR and 2D reality without stuffing the lens.


While all these features coming into the app, Instagram is surely going to capture the market a lot. If we analyze all these features, they are meant to increase the user engagement time on the application thereby give them more control on the users’ behavior. But, the features are meant to make the work of the users easy and make them pass their free time enjoying.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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