Instagram is coming up with longer video format, Similar to DiscoverHub

Instagram is trying to establish in the field of longer videos. Earlier, Snapchat came up with Discover and YouTube with 4K video space. YouTube is reportedly creating a separate space for shows and music videos for high-resolution 4K videos. Instagram is conducting meetings with popular stars of their platform and publishers to know how they will like to work with videos on their platform. They are in talks of a partnership with many people. Instagram will roll out its long-format video in an event scheduled on 20th June.

Why Instagram Is Opting For Long-Video

Instagram is trying to create a platform for creators and publishers to upload longer videos on the social network. It will help them to generate money from the longer videos too. Since a movie trailer is approximately 2 and a half minute in length, it is irritating to cut it down to a minute length for uploading them on Instagram. The general public cannot expect the quality to be that of Netflix but it will be fair. Just like YouTube videos, it will allow the publishers to upload 5-15 min long videos on its platform. Along with the creators, normal users will also be able to upload videos above the 60-seconds time limit.

Although, the earning methods are still not finalized with the pre-ads and mid-breaks appearing in the video. They are not paying the publishers like Facebook Watch does. But, every video will have a swipe-up feature through which the publishers can drive traffic to their websites or e-commerce platforms. Instagram houses nearly 800 million users and it will be a great tool for video marketing rather than generating revenues.

The long-video section will have an option to continue watching for users to view longer clips without breaks. They can also see the videos on profile next to the story highlighter. The publishers will not be able to upload long videos as it will allow only pre-made videos to be uploaded. Instagram is in talks with publishers about a vertical video feature to be added to making it a professional video platform. Instagram has not revealed any official date and name for the long-video feature but they might soon make it live in the app or maybe in a brand new application. Facebook Watch has not gained much success with the platform hosting the reality shows and clips.

Instagram’s New Long-Video Format

Although Instagram’s parent company Facebook has not gained much success with the Facebook Watch format, it might not be the case with Instagram. Instagram may seem like a more natural platform for the long-videos. Instagram is trying to compete with the SnapChat’s Discover section. The discover section offers the publishers to display vertical videos in the application directly for the users. But, with the new controversy regarding the design, Snapchat is on a decline which might help Instagram get hold of the new feature. But, they face the strongest competitor – YouTube which is the first option for users. With their video monetization policies, it is the first priority for the publishers.

All said it can be of great potential for Instagram to come up with a vertical video viewer. The users are more interested in viewing photos and videos on Instagram rather than Facebook and it might succeed better than Facebook Watch. Facebook was not able to match with YouTube but Instagram has an upper hand to do so. Moreover, Instagram can increase the time a user spends on it significantly.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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