Instagram has launched its own ‘IGTV’ to challenge YouTube

A few days back we discussed that Instagram was planning to let users upload longer videos. There were rumors that Instagram might launch its own TV and here they are, with the launch of IGTV. IGTV is Instagram’s new video platform challenging Google’s YouTube. In an event, Instagram’s CEO said that “Users can now host videos with a limit of one hour of length. Any person can upload videos directly from the Instagram app or from a dedicated app. We have made everything mobile-oriented hence the videos will be in portrait mode”.

IGTV – The New Video Platform

The new addition seems to be fun. Moreover, Instagram has introduced the much-awaited video bar with every image. So now, users need not see every video from the starting. This was the current scenario of Instagram and sometimes it felt irritating when you missed the last part and have to watch the video from the beginning. However, using the bar users can skip the video or rewind it as per their wish. The feature is made interesting as anyone can see the videos on IGTV. Although Instagram is coming up with a new app for IGTV, it has a small icon next to the Direct Message inbox. The users can see the videos present on the IGTV without even installing the app. The videos can be accessed from the profile section with an icon next to Stories Highlights.

The new feature in the Instagram app has been integrated nicely. Stickers and different Filters can be used on the videos on IGTV. It allows you to share the videos directly to your Facebook page and also on Profiles. It also allows you to share the videos as DM to others.


With the new feature, Instagram is taking a shot at the well-established platform – YouTube. It might seem that they are well prepared with lots of features but establishing a base like YouTube will take a lot of time for sure. When the users are compared, Instagram has nearly 72% active users whereas YouTube has 85%. Hence, Instagram is nearly there. Also, the same survey confirms that 95% of teenagers have access to smartphones and 45% are online most of the time.

Facebook has always been trying to enter the video market. They introduced many new features on their website/app but it wasn’t much successful. However, introducing such in the platform which is well known for photos and videos might get the breakthrough they need.

Although the new feature/app seems interesting, there are some limitations. While they allow the creators for up to 1 hour of video space, YouTube allows its users to post a video with the maximum length of 12 hours. Most of the users tilt their phone to watch the video in landscape mode on the video platforms. But, IGTV will be available in portrait mode only as of now and it might be difficult for people to adapt to it. However, the feature will be kept on improving as time goes and will surely meet up with the expectations.

According to leaks, the IGTV feature will roll out in few weeks for every user.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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