Instagram has Added a Question Polls feature in Stories

Instagram is surrounded with all the latest news it can be in. Starting with the IGTV, Instagram has brought in a list of features. Adding background music to the Stories, Video calls have been taking the rounds on the platform. Instagram has also come up with their own Lite version app for the users who wish not to waste more of their mobile data. Today, we have another new feature which is being added to the Social Networking app. Instagram is reportedly testing a questions polling system for their Stories.

The feature is not officially announced by Instagram but we are quite sure it will be done in the next few days.

Polling Feature For Instagram Stories

The new feature seems exciting for people who wish to take suggestions from their followers. Also, if they are confused about something, they can easily ask their followers to help them with it.

Many users from different parts of the world have already reported the feature being live for them. For instance, a user from Spain has reported that he was able to use the feature while posting on its Story.

Android Police was the first to spot this new feature in the Instagram app. But, there has not been much information regarding the new feature. Few screenshots suggest that the users can post the question on their story. Any person who wishes to answer them can do so by using a textbox available below the question. But, other details like if the user will be notified through DM or it will be available in the Story itself is not known.


The new feature seems like an add-on to the advancing Stories feature available on Instagram. As said earlier, Instagram is looking to take down their rivals SnapChat from the market. To do so, they are trying whatever they can by improving the user experience and adding more features. Instagram is adding all of these features for increasing the time user spends. In a report, it was found that an average user spends nearly 55 minutes on the platform daily. But with all these new and interesting features, it looks like Instagram wants the user to engage more in their platform.

Asking questions to one’s followers might seem interesting for many users. People want to engage more with their followers and friends. Suppose a user has around 500 followers and asks a basic question. If 50 people turn up to the question answering it, the user engagement within the app will be improved drastically. Out of those 50, there will be many to whom the user will start talking through the DM.

But as we describe the new feature, nothing has been made official yet. Instagram has not yet announced the feature publicly for the users. Since we are observing many users already have the feature available for them, it will not be late Instagram will come up with it. Let us wait for an official confirmation by the company regarding the interesting feature.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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