How To View Instagram Stories Privately

Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTVs, and more Insta things have now become a crucial part of our lives. Instagram is a platform that allows you to share your favorite pictures, videos, and many more. When you share content on Instagram, people can like, comment, and share the content you’ve uploaded. Stories are a feature that allows people to take a video of what they’re doing, then upload it to their story for friends to see. You can even upload an old photo or video to your story.

If you are an Instagram user, some time or the other you must have wished to watch someone’s story in your profile without them knowing about it. Be it casual stalking or viewing your crush’s or ex’s stories, we all at some point have wanted a hack trick to view stories without letting them know.

Many applications help you in viewing stories without the profile owner to get to know that you have viewed them. Users of android, ios, and desktops, all can have different ways to view the stories privately

Here Are Different Methods For Different Users To View Instagram Stories Privately

For Android Users

step 1

Download and Install the Silent Stories (Instagram story viewer app) from the Google Play Store or directly from the link below

Get Silent Stories>>> Get Now

step 2

Sign in with your Instagram account. This account is used to view Stories from private accounts that you follow.

step 3

After logging in you can see all the stories of the people you follow. You can open and save them without them knowing about it. You can also use the search option and search for any user to view their stories.

step 4

You can now add people to your favorites section. There you can easily tap on the Favorites tab to view all posts from users you have marked as favorites.

You can also download Instagram stories here. The free version only offers the possibility to see/download 15 stories per day. You can sign up for a premium subscription for unlimited access, which costs up to $2.99/month or $18/year.

For ios Users

step 1

Get and Install the Blindstory (Instagram story viewer app) from the Apple Store or directly from the link below

Get Blindstory >>> Get Now

step 2

Tap on the login with an Instagram option at the bottom and log in using your Instagram details.

step 3

Here you will find all the stories of the accounts you are following, including the private accounts. Tap on them to open and view the story. You can also search for an account if you want to with the search option.

step 4

You can add accounts to favorites and find them in the favorite tab for easy access.

The free version offers the possibility to see only four stories per day. You can sign up for a monthly subscription of $2.99 but it won’t let you download Instagram stories.

For Dekstop Users

step 1

Open Chrome or any other Chromium-based browser, then install the Anonymous view for the Instagram Storie’s extension by opening this link below and clicking on add to Chrome button.

Get Anonymous View For Instagram Stories>>> Get Now

step 2

Then click on Add-extension to confirm the installation. Once this is done, click on the extension icon at the top right corner. Then select the Anonymous View for the Instagram Story extension.

step 3

After this, once the extension has opened in the new tab. You will get the entire list of stories from users you follow. If you are unable to find any stories here, you can open and log in with your Instagram account.

step 5

The extension also allows you to download stories while you are viewing.

To Watch Without Any Applications 

  • This is another trick to watching Instagram stories anonymously. The trick involves opening the Instagram app either on your Android phone or iPhone. The app preloads/pre-downloads some of the latest stories onto your phone.
  • At this time, you have to switch ON the Flight Mode (Airplane mode). This lets you view the Stories anonymously that is without giving any view to the profile owner.
  • Make sure that you close the app once you are done before turning OFF the flight mode (airplane mode). Some people even have an alternative anonymous account to spy on Insta stories.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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