How to stop your phone overheating

Your selfies at the beach are good but take care you’re your phone from its hot weather. But, why it all happens? You phone temperature depends on the environment temperature. But, we don’t know the exact reason for phone heating. It may be heating by itself or you are streaming many videos or maybe some apps are running in the background.

It is difficult to find out the exact reason for overheating. Due to overheating the phone may start causing problems like shutdown, battery drain until it gets cool. So, it is important to keep your phone cooler and does not face any problem with overheating.

The main reason for overheating

Most of the time when your phone starts heating then there may be some common causes occurs like, your phone Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is connected for too long with any device or due to overuse.

Almost, every time when you face this problem, it is based on old reasons:-
  • Display Brightness is high
  • Wi-Fi is connected for too long
  • You may be playing too many games

Let’s know how you can avoid the overheating problem:

1. Do not keep your phone in sunlight for too long


In other words, we can say that, keep your phone away from high temperature like sunlight. Especially, summer sunlight. At that time temperature is much high and does not good for your phone. If your phone gets too much hot under the sun then stop using it until it cools down.

2. Stop Using Your Phone For too long


Most of the peoples are addicted to their mobile phone and just play games the whole day while charging it. These peoples most of the time forget a time when they start using it.

For example, if you play games or make a phone call for too long then at the same time the game requires the use of many parts of phone and CPU was unable to complete that demands and because of this the phone starts heating.

I suggest you to, use your phone for a limited time and if your phone gets heated just stop using it until it gets cooler.

3. Close the apps Running in Background

You may don’t know that the app you just used and after that, you just pressed the home button after that also that app is using your phone RAM. It does not only use much RAM but also consumes the battery of your phone and because of this, the phone starts heating.
When you return from the app to your home screen the app still running in the background at that time.

So, you should click on return button a twice or click on Exit from the app menu to close that app completely.

4. Don’t use When Signal is Poor


When you are at the outer place where you do not get a good mobile signal then your phone will automatically work for getting a better signal for your phone. If you surf the internet while poor signal then it will surely heat your phone.

You should avoid making a phone call or using the Internet when your phone has poor signals. If you want to make an urgent phone call then I suggest you go to any other place where you can get a good signal and after that make the phone call.

5. Update the Firmware and Apps

Developers always make some changes in Firmware and mobile apps to make their service perform much better. Because they may have some bug and outdated apps do not work much good and this causes the phone to overheat. So, follow the below process to update Firmware and apps if you don’t know:-

Update Firmware

Step 1: Go to phone Settings and after that click on About Phone.
Step 2: Now, click on Update Phone if the latest version is available.
Step 3: After completion of Phone Update Restart your phone.

Update Apps

Open the Google Play Store and there click on your account and find that any apps is available for update or not. If you find any new update for any app then click on Update.

6. Charge Your Phone Properly


If your phone starts overheating because of battery then your phone end has come. Press and hold the power button and turn off your phone. Now, check the battery temperature. It may go up to 30 Celsius and sometimes 40 Celsius. You can check the battery temperature from the settings of your phone.

There are some reasons for overheating due to battery:
  • You charge your phone with wrong or Duplicate USB cable.
  • Your Phone is too old.
  • You should use a branded USB cable for charging.

Final Words

So, these are some methods and reason for the overheating of your phone. These solutions are almost working on every phone. But, still, you are facing some issue with your phone then I suggest you take your phone to any phone repair shop or contact seller for this problem.

Disclaimer: This information is covered based on the latest research and development available. However, it may not fully reflect all current aspects of the subject matter.

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